Learning Advanced SEO in Simple Steps
Learning Advanced SEO in Simple Steps
Do you want to learn advanced SEO strategies in 2022? Here we have the best tips for you in 2022 to learn the new ways to become an expert.

Search engine optimization has become the most in-demand career in the past few years. The demand in this industry will only be going to increase in the coming years. As the demand increases, it requires advanced strategies to tackle the industry's complexities. With Advanced SEO Training In Lucknow, you can learn from professional experts to find innovative ideas for your website. If you are a website owner or want to become an SEO expert, we will guide you to learn in the best ways:

Control duplicate content

Do you know much your website is impacted by duplicate content? Having duplicate content on your website confuses search engine crawlers to index your website. First, you need to learn to identify and remove same content from your website for better performance. For search engines, canonical pages are significant threats to their ranking. When you join an advanced SEO training in Lucknow like DigitaLearn, you can learn how to handle and control canonical pages.

Use Robot.txt to block crawling.

Many contents on your site might overload your servers, like graphics, logo, duplicate content, and unnecessary resources). The robots.txt file helps website owners save all this content from indexing using the “noindex” tag. With the help of advanced SEO training in Lucknow, you can learn how to use the file to protect unimportant webpages from crawling on the search engines.

Focus on sitemaps

Do you know a sitemap can help improve the crawling of your web pages? Sitemaps are an excellent way to enhance a dynamic website's crawling and indexing process. Search engines prioritize the web pages listed on the sitemaps for crawling and indexing. It is an excellent method to tell search engines like Google about the essential pages of your sites.


Search engines now prefer a website that is more user-friendly and secure. When you join SEO training in Lucknow, you will learn about the several ways to improve user experience. For a good user experience, Google prefers a website with HTTPS rather than HTTP for better security. Your website page loading speed and cross-platform features are some of the most preferred choices of users.


SEO is a field that constantly evolves with time. Every day something new is coming into the industry. When you join an advanced SEO training in Lucknow, you can quickly learn how to keep up with these changes. Here, in this blog, you can easily find ways to learn advanced SEO methods. For more information, you can also join the best academy.