Krypto Keepsafes® is to a bearer of an asset like cash or gold; whoever has physical possession of it controls all of the coins stored on it. Therefore we strongly advise you to keep your Krypto Keepsafes® in a secret, secure location.



A wallet is simply a way to send, receive or keep your cryptocurrency. Each wallet has a unique address. Krypto Keepsafes® are a Cold Wallet.


Hot wallets are where generally you would hold cryptocurrencies to make them quickly accessible to spend or trade online. Cold wallets are where you would keep larger amounts of your digital currency that you do not intend to immediately use. Cold wallets is more difficult to access, and kept offline, so its not available to online theft.


With Krypto Keepsafes® , everything you need to store and redeem your cryptocurrencies are embedded within your collectable masterpiece, hidden beneath a best-in-class tamper-evident holographic security seal. Nothing is required from us to access your digital assets, giving you complete ownership of your own private keys. Krypto Keepsafes® are designed to protect your assets by keeping them safe from online theft and in your control.


Remember, only a wallet that you have private keys to (a password that provides access to your cryptocurrency) is considered to be safe to store your personal funds. It is highly not recommended to store cryptocurrency on exchanges, as this increases the risk of funds loss.


Not your keys, not your coins


Krypto Keepsafes® come in a variety of designs, each of which supports a different blockchain. So, be sure to select the Krypto Keepsafes® that suits your digital asset.

We’re adding support for new blockchains all the time and expanding our collectable series, so keep an eye on our website for updates, in case we don’t offer the Krypto Keepsafes® you need just let us know what we should make next!


It’s really pretty quick. If you use a good hot wallet app, you’ll be able to quickly import the Krypto Keepsafes® and spend right away from that address! See our how to Redeem Keepsafes section for step by step instructions.


Checking your Krypto Keepsafes® balance is easy! Simply enter public key to the matching blockchain website for the wallet balance and any