KiwiSign Sign Networks
KiwiSign Sign Networks
KiwiSign creates easy-to-use and portable digital signage software that allows you to turn any TV or monitor into signage.

Digital Signage

With our simple HDMI plugin, anything can become a signage opportunity. With just power and an internet connection, you will be displaying your signs in no time.

Why Choose KiwiSign?

Unlike other systems that are convoluted and confusing, KiwiSign provides a digital signage system that is easy-to-use, affordable, and portable. All you need is access to an HDMI port, power, and internet, and you are on your way to displaying leek and modern signage.

Advantages: Lowest Overall Cost Signage, Easy-To-Use,Simple Dashboard, Simple Solutions, Multi-Location Friendly, upports Multiple Media Files, Supports Photos and Videos, Supports 4k Media, Always Update on Your Schedule, TV/Monitor Hardware Agnostics, Low Bandwidth, No Streaming Needed , Wireless Connective, Wi-Fi Ready,Remote Connectivity Across the Globe, Dynamic Display, Unique Kiwi Features, Advanced Data Security, Infinite Possibilities, Cavernous File Storage, Content Schedule, Hardware Agnostics, Great Support,Unlimited Users.

What We Offer

KiwiSign provides a variety of signage software and features for our customers. From signage software to touchable screens, we’ve got you covered. You can think of us as your one-stop-shop for all things signage.

Signage Software

With our Kiwi signage software, you can turn any TV or monitor into a digital sign. This gives you a quick, easy, and simple way to give presentations or pitches anywhere you go. All you need is an HDMI port, power, and internet connection.

Digital Signage

In the modern era, no business is complete without digital signage. Our digital signage allows your business to shine, both literally and figuratively. Below are the digital signage options we provide:

Outdoor signage

Menu boards

Room schedule signs

Video walls

Touch screen signage

Graphic and Video

Need help creating graphics or videos? Kiwi provides graphic partners that can help you create and upload the most modern, fresh, and effective graphics.

Finally, All Your Signage Needs in One Place

KiwiSign is a unique, modern, and affordable solution to all your signage needs. Whether you need a quick signage option on the go or want to install a permanent wall screen, KiwiSign offers signage options that are sure to impress and leave a lasting impact.

Better yet, KiwiSign provides a useful dashboard that stores all of your information in one place. This means that you can control multiple signs, all from one location. Super convenient and useful!

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