Industrial Control Room Console Furniture | PWS
Industrial Control Room Console Furniture | PWS
One of the Leading Control Room Console Furniture manufacturers, Pyrotech provides best-in-class Industrial Control Room Console Furniture to handle mission-critical situations.

Industrial Control Room Console Furniture | PWS

Control room console is a specialized furniture; designed to mount the controlling equipment to cater to the mission critical operations. The console helps an operator to swiftly perform the monitoring and controlling activities. The console is designed to provide comfort to the operators during their routine operations. By applying the principles of engineering and architecture; the console conditions the physical aspects of furniture in favour of the control room operator. The purpose of the console is to make the constantly running operations easy to execute in both normal & emergency conditions. The Industrial control room console is designed in line with quality standards to optimize different physiological parameters to lead maximum possible comfort to the operator. An ideal console lets the operator function without fatigue, enabling them to actively operate the elements of the control room.

XLAT XE is a versatile command and control center console. Its adaptability provides best-in-class user experience, resulting in the effectiveness, efficiency, and better satisfaction of the operator.

Infi Xe is the impressive novel solution. This space-efficient, robust & ultra-modern industrial Control Room Console provides seamless interface with technology to improve user experience

Xlat Cyber is the newest edition to the XLATTM console family. It features next generation structure, attractive designer illumination, height adjustable features along with aesthetic styling than its predecessors

The next generation console with integrated video wall is better known as Dynamic XE. Its elegant look and capability allow the user to handle all war like situations. All in all, it is a mini control room. Dynamic XE is reliable and fully configured to increase the efficiency of user to handle any mission critical control room environment.

XTRON is the result of efforts to make the best even better. The organic design of the worktop and thermoformed side legs provides blithesome aesthetic appeal to the control room console. Its natural drought mechanism provides efficient cooling without any fans, making it acoustically efficient.

Dynamic 2020 is a true representation of ergonomic operator desk. With its intelligent dashboard, this control room console adapts to every individual operator’s needs to perform with superior comfort and ease under scathing control room operations.

Xlat Console gives the end-user, a complete control of the working environment. XLAT™ is designed to accommodate radical changes in technology, enabling the user with a flexible module to improve process efficiency.

With Infi’s trendy exterior, you can emphasize the individuality of your control room and demonstrate the appeal of contemporary designs. The outcome of the interplay between the various design elements is an extraordinarily impressive operator desk.

There are many challenges we faced, such as making the indoors of the control room healthier and Ergonomic Control Desk without compromising the functionality of the system set-up around. We underwent a deep study of ergonomic postures for the operators to design revolutionary control desk and sitting arrangements that can keep them in a decisive state of mind and body. We faced challenges of bringing automation under the comfort of human experience and drive the control towards solution-oriented efforts. PWS designed and invented the next generation of console desks to make them more dynamic in order to reduce the pain points of the operator. We offered expansion of the existing console reducing the cost of OPEX. We also introduced the up-gradation of single-tier monitors to dual-tier consoles without any need for fabrications and additional costs. By eliminating welded tops, we enhanced bodily comfort, making things ergonomically superior. We understand the difficulties of constant sitting and, at the same time, being super alert to respond the emergencies. Our convex and concave wall screen arrangement provide an optically user-friendly view that does not bother the operator despite the physical limitation of space availability.

Our immense involvement in this journey has taught us precious learning on expectations of operators and the need for their duties to perform day-to-day tasks. Considering the pain of the operator, PWS has summed up human anatomy, physiological factors, and engineering and architectural elements to mitigate the workspace limitations of human functionality. In efforts of futuristic approach in the design of the CCR (Centre Control Room), Pyrotech has earned a reputation for providing healthier control room console furniture that results in the improved well-being of the users. For sustainable services and support (up to 20 years); PWS has introduced the SAP system to keep the provision of future modification in the least possible duration.

Our brand is rooted in India, yet its endeavor has led us to explore worldwide possibilities in ergonomic workplaces. With a journey of 12 years, PWS has served passionately installing 50,000+ control room consoles in over 25+ different countries including UAE, Australia, USA, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, South Africa, and many more. With our passion for delivering excellence in the field, we are formally known as “Control Room People,” which complements our keen attempts to convey our excellence to every individual project we work upon. We also provide Control Room Solutions Services.

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