HP DeskJet 1010 Printer Installation Setup | HP Deskjet 1010 Initial Setup
HP DeskJet 1010 Printer Installation Setup | HP Deskjet 1010 Initial Setup
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Analyze the following data to utilize anyone connectivity processes supported by the printers. The associate processes help wired or Ethernet connection, the wireless association, USB association, Wi-Fi Direct link, and the near field communication(NFC) is not approved by the HP DeskJet 1010 printer

Ensure that you have planned for the driver establishment by supporting the below-given directions. 10/1010 Base-TX is the basis of the wired association in HP DeskJet 1010.

You should have a network topology router, switch, or hub with accessible Ethernet ports and connect your PC to the router or switch or hub. If it is not related, connect the router and verify whether you have done peculiar connections. Do not utilize a standard telephone wire, rather utilize the Ethernet cable like the one presented in the figure. Utilize the Ethernet cable to associate the printer and follow the instruction.

Now switch on the printer and eliminate the plugs of the Ethernet port which is accessible on the back of the printer. Associate the Ethernet cable to the printer port, and later connect the other edge of the cable to an accessible port on the network topology router, switch, or hub. Next, download the print driver to finish the wired connection by revisiting the site or dj1010. Enter the printer model HP DeskJet 1010 and follow the directions that arrive on the screen. Download the HP Simple Start application or the application may automatically download based on your printer model.

Select the printer association model from the printer control panel. Choose the wired or Ethernet association as we are going towards the wired connection setup. If the wired link setup is thriving and you want not to proceed with the balance steps. If the download takes failure, proceed to the, and enter your printer model.

Promptly, verify with the OS agreement and exact version of the OS. Next, snap Download which is apparent following the printer full highlight driver in the Driver-Product Establishment program, and follow the guidance that issue on the screen. Follow the HP Download and introduce help or picked Download only to save and run the driver data from your PC. Lastly, select a printer connection setup as wired and attempt printing a self-test page or something to examine the printer work and connectivity.

A wireless association needs an 802.11 b/g/n – 2.4 GHz network. Setup the printer in a wireless interface. Ensure that the printer is associated with the same interface as the PC. Next, enter the wireless interface name recognized as Service Set Identifier and a wireless interface password to connect your printer to the wireless network. The wireless interface name should be the name of your wireless interface. The wireless key is the WEP key or WPA passphrase. You can find it on the backside of your wireless router if it has not been modified since setting up your wireless interface. To set up the wireless connection, utilize the Wireless Setup Wizard from the control panel show.

Visit the wireless icon in the control panel. Later, visit the Setup Wireless Setting Wireless Setup Wizard and obey the guidance on the screen to finish the setup. Next, snap your network name in the network file and click OK. If your network name is not accessible, snap Enter New Network Name and follow the guidance to type your network name.Enter the WPA password and click Done. Lastly, download the driver from or dj1010 and install the software to finish the setup.

To set up your printer utilizing the USB cable, install the program, and connect the PC to the printer quickly. Next, use the USB cable with Hi-speed 2.0 to connect your printer with the computer before the printer helps you to disconnect the USB cable. Ensure that your printer and PC connect to the same wireless interface to install the printer. Lastly, follow any one provided process to open the printer program based on the OS you utilize.

Then, right-click on the dry area of the screen if you utilize the Windows OS, snap All applications in the app bar, and snap the printer’s icon. Switch on the printer and get a USB cable smaller than 3 m in length. Do not associate with a USB center or docking status, the printer force does not get sufficient power to correctly work. Then, disconnect the USB printer cable of the printer and search windows for ‘gadget’. Snap the Devices & Printers control panel settings in the events. Lastly, snap the Eliminate device by right-clicking on the Devices and Printer.

With the assistance of Wi-Fi Direct associate, devices with Wi-Fi ability like PC, smartphones, tablets, and also. Your printer should be associated with Wi-Fi quickly. Follow the moves to finish the setup successfully. Then, introduce the printer program from the establishment CD that came along with the printer on your PC. Connect Wi-Fi Direct first and introduce the software if you are not established. Then, switch ON Wi-Fi directly on your PC and you can utilize up to five PC and mobile gadgets in the same Wi-Fi direction.

Switch on the Wi-Fi direct on your mobile gadget and see the given reports for more data. The menu of printers accessible, select the Wi-Fi Direct name displayed such as DIRECT-**-HP DeskJet 1010 (where ** are the individual characters to recognize your printer and XXXX is the printer model found on the printer) to associate your mobile gadget. Lastly, the printer is associated successfully with your PC utilizing the WiFI direct connection.

Mobile resolutions are useful tools that assist to print utilizing your smart devices like Android mobile phones, Apple iOS devices, and tablets. Verify for the agreement of mobile application with your printer and begin to print utilizing the smart devices in a brighter way. The HP DeskJet 1010 – printer helps the below provided mobile solutions. Lastly, follow the simple methods given below to install and use the app for simpler printing solutions.

HP ePrint is a free cloud-based and ensured service that assists you to print from anyplace with an active internet association. Send your reports to the printer utilizing mail and your printer will print the report immediately. To know more about the HP ePrint setup, run by the later article Before starting the setup, you have to collect some of the conditions. Later, if you do not get all the below-given specifications, then you will not be ready to print utilizing the HP ePrint.


Now, damage the USB associate unless your printer will not print utilizing the HP ePrint service. See and sign up for an HP connected account to see your ePrint job state and handle your ePrint file. Next, verify whether your printer associates with an active network giving internet access. Switch on the webs services, click the ePrint icon on the desktop and agree on the terms of usage. Follow the guidance that develops on the screen to switch on the web services.


Next, locate your printer mail id by visiting the ePrint icon on the display and click the Web Services Settings list and touch Display mail id. Mail your report to the printer, build a new mail, and add the report to print. Instantly send the mail to the printer’s mail id. Now the printer prints the attached report.


Next, verify the specifications for print utilizing ePrint. Firstly the printer id in the TO: field only. Other mail ids should be in the Cc: field. A blank mail subject line will start to an HP ePrint error or it will remove the print job. Lastly, open office data are not recommended. Printing on either side is not supported.

HP ePrint App is a mobile application that allows you to print any supported HP printer connected on the same wireless network. Print image or reports utilizing the HP ePrint app. You can also print utilizing cloud services similar to google drive and Dropbox from where you are with the assistance of a working internet connection. Next, you should have a mobile device with Android OS version 4.0 and next versions or Amazon fire OS with 4.1- 4x and 5.1 or 5x or next versions.

Next, connect to a wireless network utilizing the Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone. Turn ON the wireless signal and ensure the printer connects to the similarly wireless network as your mobile device. Presently, download and introduce the HP ePrint app from the Google Play Store on your device. Lastly, select the data acceptance decisions through The HP ePrint app desktop shows and follow the help that arrive on the screen, click Grant support, Add Cloud Account, or Add mail Account to locate documents, social media, and cloud accounts.

Mopria print service is a mobile program accessible in the Google play store for free. Print the reports, web pages, and mails utilizing your Android device in your HP printer. Setup the printer hardware and have a mobile Android gadget with OS 4.0 or up. Connect your printer to a wireless or wired network with an active interface association and your printer should be connected in the same interface as your Android device. Next, it is suggested to maintain the devices within the area of the printer.

Establish the Mopria print set plugin from the Google play store. To switch on the service select any one process. If you are introducing it for the first time, swipe down the display to see the dashboard. Next, you will locate the Mopria print service established. Next, click to allow the service plugin information. If you are upgrading the service plugin, click Settings, click More, More networks, More settings, or NFC and sharing, and then click Print or Printing. Click the Mopria print service to click it on.

The HP Smart App assists you to connect to your wireless network utilizing your mobile gadget. Print, scan, and capture data with your smart devices utilizing your HP Smart app. The HP Smart app more is known as the HP AiO Printer Remote App. To install in an Android device, Later, verify whether your Android device is in the similarly wireless network as your printer and have the android device next to your router.

Next, download and establish the HP smart app from the Google Play Store on your Android device. Later, open the app and click Start and agree with the terms and conditions. Click to Continue. In the app desktop, click the plus sign to explore for the printers that are connected to the interface Click the printer in the program of printers combined to your wireless network. Lastly, snap the Add Printer if you are connecting to the latest printer and follow the guidance that arrives on the screen.

To install an Apple iOS device, ensure your printer is turned on and verify whether your Apple iOS device is associated with the same wireless network as your printer. Download and introduce the HP smart app from the App store on your Apple iOS gadget. Snap start and Agree with the terms and conditions. Click Continue to search for the printers that are associated with your network. Later, the app automatically chooses your printer if you own one printer previously connected to the wireless interface. Unless click the plus sign to connect a fresh printer and follow the guidance that arrives on the screen

The HP Print Service plugin permits you to print from your smart Android gadget. Print to the HP printer in a Wi-Fi network or a Wi-Fi direct associate for the printer. Follow the below method to fix up the HP Print Service Plugin on your Android Smartphones or tablets. Introduce the HP Print service plugin on your Android Smartphone or tablet. You should have a mobile gadget with Android OS 4.4 or the next version downloaded from the Google Play store.

Next, you install the HP Print Service plugin, turn on the plugin Based on your Android version and device company, the lists, icons, and position of the print setting may be various from one or more devices Android device is on the identical network as your printer and ensure that the Wi-Fi direct is allowed on your printer and Android device. Lastly, install or upgrade the HP Print Service Plugin of the google play store on your Android device.

Later, the service will be automatically allowed after establishment if you have Android devices with 7.0 and newer versions. You can leap to the near move that is Print utilizing the HP Print Service plugin Click to the dashboard and locate the HP Inc. service established if you are installing the first time. Upgrade the HP Print Service Plugin and snap Settings More, More interfaces, More settings, or NFC and assigning Print or Printing. Lastly, snap ON after snapping the HP Inc. service established or HP Inc. and switch off the optional plugins

AirPrint is a mobile printing resolution that begins with Apple iOS v4.2 and the preceding versions. Utilize your iPad, iPhone, or iPhone to associate with the wireless network. The HP Printers published after 2010 will assist AirPrint. You should own an Apple gadget with version iOS 4.2 and earlier version. Later, verify whether your printer and Apple gadget are combined in a similar network or Wi-Fi Direct or HP wireless through should be verified by your Printer Switch on the printer and open the data to print. Snap the Action icon which shows the menu choice. Later, snap Print or the print icon and snap Picked Printer to choose your printer from the menu. Lastly, modify the settings by snapping the Choices list from

123 hp Deskjet 1010 Printers generally support home users to fulfill their printing task easily. The client has to do the first setup and install the software drivers to finish the hp printer setup. If you want any from us to assist with your printer, get in touch with us.

Choose The Category Here to Know about Printer Model Deskjet printer can take printouts, scan, copies, and fax. Not only the primary printing purposes, but it too supports mobile printing solutions such as AirPrint, Cloud Print, ePrint, and Mopria Print. To understand how to utilize hp dj1010 printer services.

Beginning any installation method, you want to prepare the hp 123 printer and PC. The steps on how to install the printer drivers for windows.

Through a simple set of guidance, you can download the software for the Mac PC.

All HP Printer models help the print function. Utilizing the print function, you can print reports, images, and more. To take printouts, you want to install some printer Software/Driver updates. We are here to assist you with the printer setup.

HP dj1010 Printers assist you in getting copies of reports and images utilizing the Scan choice. Scan characteristic of the allows you to change the settings such as paper model, paper size, ID copy, Size, plate choice, quality, and more. Change the settings to perform better quality.

Setting up the scanner, you want to install a connection between your printer and your PC. Install Scan driver from the store and start you scan jobs from the PC. Or, you can utilize the printer control panel to scan files.

You can set up your fax at the time of software installation. If you have not finished your printer during installation, you can finish your fax setup utilizing the HP 123.hp/setup 1010 Digital Fax Setup Wizard. Here, you can locate the steps for the fax setup.

HP DJ1010 Printer is compatible with Windows PC, Mac systems, and Android gadgets. Most of the printer models assist characteristics including the ePrint cloud printing, HP Smart app, and Wi-Fi Direct. Some of the characteristics permit the user to print from wherever in the world. 123 hp-setup 1010 printers operate with the laptop, iPhones, tablets, smartphones, and more. printer gives a wide range of printer drivers to run with the Windows PC. The Windows PC also arrives with built-in drivers that support the essential functionality for print jobs.

Connect HP Deskjet 1010 printers with your Mac systems to achieve maximum richness in print jobs. You want to select the best printer driver from the hp-setup possible list of drivers.

With the assist of mobile printing technology, you can print from the smartphone to your printer from everywhere. HP Deskjet 1010 Mobile Printing offers printing jobs a wind. You can simply enter and print an image.

HP DJ1010 printers give the tools that you can print from the tablet utilizing the built-in HP setup 1010 software and established software. You can remotely Scan, Print, and copy the report and image.

AirPrint is a different mobile printing technology for apple users to print the wanted files without the assistance of the HP printer software.

EPrint is a mail-based mobile printing resolution to print files across the internet. The Eprint delivers status printouts when associated with the wireless network.

Mopria Print lets the user print reports or images from the tablet or smartphones that use the Android OS to your printer.

123 HP Printer Web Services Setup

You can initiate Web Services utilizing any one of the following PCs.

On your printer control panel, you will locate the Settings choice. There, look for the Web Services choice and snap-on OK. Your hp Deskjet 1010 printer will print the test page once you have snapped OK.

Collect your printer IP address. Go to the (EWS) and look for the setup choice. Snap-on it and click Proceed to start the Embedded Web Server(EWS).

The client can set up the HP DJ1010 utilizing both Wi-Fi Direct or Wireless Direct process.

To allow maximum productivity over your internet, you can use Web Services. The generally used Web Services are CloudPrint, ePrint, duplexing, and AirPrint. You can add or eliminate the Web Service anytime you need it. Follow the below steps to Switch Off your Web Services.

To modify the network settings

To modify the IP settings

Change the IP address settings and the DNS server automatically modifies the settings.

HP Deskjet 1010 Printer Not Found During Installation


To resolve this problem:


You may suffer a slow printing problem while using printouts or copies. When your printer prints the jobs gently, follow the steps to solve the problem.

Verifying the ink or color level usually is the best practice to get superior print quality. You can evaluate the ink or toner level that prevails in the cartridge. Always have a replacement cartridge able to minimize the trouble.

Presently, turn on your PC and connect the printer to the network by USB connection.  provides Hp printer support and get help in  Our support includes PC  operating with Windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 10 and Mac OS for all home and office purposes.

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