How could help your business?
How could help your business?
How could help your business? is a Customer Review website. Where people can share their buying experiences online. Companies are able to take feedback on negative experiences and work towards improving buying experiences. Companies can respond to Customers. Such as:

Online Customers

Satisfied customer reviews

Customers physically Visiting the business

Love it or hate it, business owners worldwide continue to flock to create their business page on ZOLGOO. With the amount of Users  continuing to increase, Zolgoo is one of the hottest business review websites online, competing with the likes of Google and Facebook. According to a research Zolgoo isn’t too bad at driving sales either –  users stated that they visit Zolgoo when prepared to spend money.

Zolgoo focuses on Communication between Businesses and Customers, Zolgoo makes it affordable for Businesses to respond to Customers; This is something the Company is proud of providing, An affordable way for Companies to Respond to Customers who leave reviews.

*Customers Leave Reviews based on their experience with a Business.

*Businesses can Display Reviews on their websites, which shows Transparency and greater customer experience

*Businesses show customers that they care by responding, on Zolgoo a Business can respond to Customers

This means New Customers can see that as a business you care about your customers and if they have any issues after placing an order it would be dealt with.

Search for your Business and Claim it, If your business is not on the platform it will be a good idea to Sign up and Add your Business by creating your Business Page, and proceed to claim it. You can sign up at

It’s Free to Sign Up and Add your Company However to Claim your business the platform asked for a fee. You can gain access to premium features including the features mentioned above for 1 Month, 6 Months or 1 year.

Join businesses already rated on Zolgoo. Start to collect & manage reviews. Grow your reputation and Outshine Your Competition.

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