How to Get More Opt-Ins From Your Content-Proven Ways!
How to Get More Opt-Ins From Your Content-Proven Ways!

While content marketing tactics and times change, one thing remains constant – people and their behaviour.

It doesn't matter how creative your writing is or how engaging your content is; the only thing is that every asset will be judged by the impact it makes on your business's bottom line. Beyond getting direct inquiries about your products, you should use visitors' interest to build your e-mail list. It allows you to stay in contact with these potential prospects.

Yes, maintaining and growing your mailing list is an essential part of your business. According to Marketing consulting Melbourne, 70% of consumers prefer an e-mail when receiving marketing communications. This topples social media despite the noise it has stirred up in the business world recently. So, it is necessary to build your loyal consumers' band to get more opt-ins from your content.

Here, most of the question comes into your mind like: 

  • How can I Increase my Opt-Ins?

  • What's the rate of good Opt-In?

  • Where I get people to sign up for your mailing list in 2021?

Do not take the wrong step in a hurry! 

In this guide, we will solve all your queries within a brief discussion of every single aspect.


Here are ways you can increase your e-mail opt-ins from your content:

These ways are categories into three section: 

  • General opt-in

  • E-commerce opt-in

  • Blogs opt-in

General opt-in: Types of opt-in you can use on your main website to increase Opt-Ins:

1. Squeeze Page:

A "squeeze page" is also represented as a landing page created to solicit opt-in e-mail addresses from prospective subscribers. It is a landing page but is of a more specific type. Yes, landing pages are used to educate the audience about your services, but a squeeze page is shorter and smaller, containing just a little content with no image. If you want people to sign up for your mailing list, the best way to ensure conversions are to focus on something that visitors would receive once they subscribe.

What You Have To Do:

  • Make the offer match the medium

  • Offer less than you think

  • Add relevant content to getting the visitor to opt into your e-mail list

  • Remove all distract things from the page, such as; menu bars, sidebars, and other content

  • Reduce the field of the form

Through this process, you can quickly get up to 60 to 70% Opt-In rates.

2. Slide-In:

It refers to enter or slot into some place, area, or thing, especially when space is limited. In simple words, Slide-Ins is a type of forms that smoothly show up in the corner of the screen. Plus, it allows you to catch the eye of your readers and grab their attention in style. Try to add slide-In on your website. It creates the movement of a pop-up without being a pop-up. 

How to create Slide-In opt-in forms: For creating this form, there are several tools that you can use. Most useable are Sumo, OptinMonster, and Qualaroo.

3. Content Recommendation:

Developing more innovative content recommendations and paths for visitors gives more content choice ideas, a more straightforward content path, and preview capability before choosing, and the opportunity to consume multiple pieces of content on a page. With this, you can add content hubs and paths. Apart from this, you can also add content with exit intent, pop-ups, slide-ins, and other ways to increase content consumption and conversion. Tools that you can use to do this are Hushly and Uberflip.

E-commerce opt-in: online store to help build your e-mail list.

1. Order Checkbox:

All e-commerce stores usually add a little complete checkbox to add the customer's e-mail to the mailing list after the purchase is complete. So, you should also consider this thing for the checkout process. You can use several options to do this by using your shopping carts tools, apps, or add-ons by running a quick search for e-mail marketing or e-mail checkbox for Adobe's Magento, Shopify other major platforms.

2. Discount pop-up:

Love them or hate them, opt-in pop-ups get results. Pop-ups are "windows" triggered by a website visitor's intent, context, or behaviour. The entire purpose of pop-ups is to take the opportunity (based on the user's context) and provide some added value. If a customer adds an item in checkout to try to leave for the site before purchase, you can trigger a pop-up of discount. It pushes the client to make their purchase. Plus, you can easily convert them into your mailing list.

Blogs opt-in:

1. Comment Checkbox:

Always add a comment section or "leave a reply" section on your website blog page. When people leave a comment, chances are they are leaving an e-mail address with that comment. This way, you can get their e-mail and can add or subscribe to your e-mail list simultaneously.

How to create a comment section: For this, you can use "WordPress plug-in" and create a contact form or comment section. 

2. Update Your Content:

As per the content marketing agency in Melbourne, content is the king. A content upgrade is another one of the best ways to get more Opt-Ins. If you have a great blog post, consider making that content upgrade accessible to readers once they are opt-in. 

For example: If you write content about "marketing strategies", so include a lead magnet that is highly relevant to your post topic. 

When the audience is curious to read another part of the content, then they click on the link to a squeeze page for the content upgrade or use a link that triggers an opt-in form to pop up.

3. Footer Post:

Once the audience reads your content and is interested in your content, they probably want to subscribe to your mail list not to miss any opportunity. That's why you should use a post footer. 

How to use this: You can add a simple message in the footer like "Subscribe candidate will get all the latest updates in their inboxes". This is the way people are more likely to be inclined.

All these ways are the best choice to get people to sign up for your mailing list in 2021. Plus, help you to get a 30% or more good rate Opt-In. You can choose the best one as per your needs.