How To Find The Right White-label Taxi App Development Company?
How To Find The Right White-label Taxi App Development Company?
Taxi app is the No.1 leading readymade taxi app solutions. The app provides an effective way to book a ride for the users by being at their doorstep. The taxi app also has an in-built GPS tracking system even to locate you from an isolated place. App developers at TurnkeyTown help you to launch a resilient app with ready-made solutions.

How To Make On-demand taxi app development?

People used to look for a taxi service agent to order a taxi. These days, with the advent of On-demand taxi app development, people are used to the NGO culture. Everything from food to taxis can be accessed with just a few clicks and swipes. In recent years, the growth in the number of online taxi services is unmatched and continues to grow every year.

What is a white label taxi app?

Uber is a car-sharing pioneer, so many entrepreneurs are looking to develop an Uber-like app for their taxi business. For this, the right choice is to implement a white label solution through the rebranding and customization of the White label Taxi App Development company. A leading and trusted app development company like TurnkeyTown can help you get your own app up and running in no time.

Uber Taxi Clone Script has the same functionality and works as the main application. It comes as a package with all the services you need, such as a custom app, driver app, admin panel, and web-based ticket booking portal.

Developing a white label Uber-like app has the following tremendous benefits:

  • Because it is an off-the-shelf application, it can save you research time. Thus, it allows you to deploy your application in a short period of time.

  • With a white label solution, you can create a powerful tailor-made taxi application with all the key features at a reasonable cost. This is the main reason many entrepreneurs choose to buy ready-to-use startup apps.

  • taxi app development company will increase brand awareness and attract the attention of a large number of users.

  • You will get a huge ROI by developing an Uber clone app for your taxi business. Get rid of the use of third-party platforms to direct your services and pay commissions.

  • Before starting development, make sure that the white label taxi app company provides important features in their Uber clone taxi app. The key functions of a generic transport application should perform the following functions, described in the following paragraphs:


  • Allows users to easily and quickly register your application using several login methods such as using email IDs, phone numbers, and other social networks. media logins.

  • After successful registration, users can order a taxi for themselves or their loved ones, specifying the destination.

  • Users can order a taxi instantly or schedule a booking.

  • The user's current location is automatically updated in the application. This way, users don't have to worry if they get stuck in a remote location.

  • Cost Calculator App estimates the approximate cost of travel.

  • For the safety of passengers, the application has an SOS button, when pressed, it notifies loved ones and their location.

  • The application stores information about each trip in the form of history so that the user knows everything about the trips made.

  • Give your users the choice of a cashless payment method, such as a built-in wallet, for fast and convenient transfers.

  • Keep users informed of all the activity taking place in the application with successive push notifications.

  • After completing each trip, users can share their comments to help correct errors.

Driver application:

  • The driver enters the application providing the requested information and documents, then the Admin Console verifies and approves the driver account.

  • They can be active depending on their availability, so they can indicate their availability by switching to online or offline mode.

  • When switching to online mode, the driver receives a ride request from the customer and can accept or reject it.

  • The application itself guides the driver to the client's location along optimized routes. Trip History

  • collects and stores information about the previous trips of drivers who have used this application.

  • For financial management, the application displays information about the earnings of drivers while traveling using the application.

  • Drivers receive a detailed bill for a recent trip, so they know details such as the cost of the trip, the duration of the trip, etc.

  • Like the client application, drivers send consistent notifications about all the actions that take place in the application.

  • To receive money directly from customers through the app, drivers can integrate their bank accounts into the app.

  • drivers can share their experiences during the trip in the form of detailed feedback.

To wrap it all up,

If you are already into ride-hailing services or thinking about stepping into it, developing an Uber clone app for taxi business is the right choice for you to flourish in your business. A white-label Uber clone script is already filled with all the key features necessary to run a successful taxi business. Further customization will help you surpass your competitors and make a fortune in no time.