How to Accelerate your e-Commerce Growth
How to Accelerate your e-Commerce Growth
Did you know 25 % of marketers use established lead management techniques? Explore how ecommerce website allow high ROI for ecommerce growth.

How to Accelerate your e-Commerce Growth

Through this blog, you will learn the importance of lead magnets for eCommerce growth. You will be able to effectively explore the value of using a great lead magnet to grow an email list. By the end of this blog, you will know how to sell your eCommerce business.

You will finally understand, effectively scale your eCommerce business plan without boring or unexciting offers. Now, this is important to get practical strategies on what is conversion in ecommerce that will help you expect a better conversion ratio. Secondly, you iterate until you get relevant results, and master tiny behaviors that lead to significant changes for bringing high monthly traffic.

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What is Lead Magnet for eCommerce Solutions?

A lead magnet is a high-value offer if you want to capture their attention. Interestingly thats how ecommerce can be scaled.

Here is the step-by-step process, meaning way more revenue for your business by knowing how to Lead the Capture process, determine the Purpose and Objective of the Lead Capture and know how to build an irresistible lead generation offer. Read on to learn about lead magnets. 

How can Lead Magnet Be an irresistible Lead Generation offer?

Here's the exciting part:

The average conversion rate of a landing page is 26%. A lead magnet is a free resource, exclusive content to lure visitors into becoming customers. Common types of Lead Magnets include downloadable PDFs, case studies, resource lists, and videos.

The truth is that Lead magnets have one common goal. To convert visitors to sign up for your email list and ultimately become paying clients. Effective marketing involves:

  • Create a Lead Capture Page with goal setting in Google analytics
  • Use Pop-ups to Capture More Leads Across Your Website
  • Optimize and Test with compelling copy, headline, fonts, and multimedia.

Consider lead management as a deck of cards. It is a complicated system consisting of various essential procedures for business success. If you're not stable in one aspect lead generation leads scoring or routing. -- Your entire lead generation plan will go down, and you'll lose the opportunity to connect with potential customers. 

With a complete lead management plan implemented, you'll ensure that your pipeline is full of high-quality leads and maximize the personal worth of every lead. Professionals that establish lead management systems have sales teams that follow up with more than 75% of the marketing-generated leads.

Provide Shopping Guides

It's easier to choose from a few products rather than from multiple. To help customers find the right products, shopping guides play. Make it easier for them to select a product from your site with a shopping guide for each product category.

Here’s why that’s important.

With a "Help Me Choose" section on your website with many guides and quizzes is one approach to provide value to the customers. It showcases the benefits or value of each product in your inventory. You can implement quizzes that help match visitors to their ideal outcome.

Create eBooks

E-books give in-depth value—diving deep into a customer's problem. Showcase your authority and position while it also builds trust with potential customers. 

Host a Giveaway

Are you looking for a lead magnet for physical products? Give your visitors an exclusive offer prize giveaway. Offer one of your best-selling products to attract more and more visitors. Giveaways are very fun and shareable.

Run a Contest and offer Gifts:

For a contest, people need to do more than sign up for an email list to be eligible to win a prize. 

Next, you will need social media ads and posts, email campaigns, and promotional video content to up your promotional game. To do this for your site, you need to consider the following aspects. Value the most high-value items in your product lines. 

It all boils down to this:

Ecommerce websites, user-generated content, Instagram photo contests contribute effectively towards an upcoming giveaway.

How Can Lead Magnets Make a Meaningful Relationship?

An appealing Lead Magnet instantly draws the interest of the buyer's persona. You provide the most value to your prospects for eCommerce growth through these lead magnets.

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Impress leads with a free offer (giveaway, contest, and shopping guides). It will attract the interest of your buyers in your paid offerings and begin your relationship on a positive note.

Tips to Create a Lead Magnet

Here are some great tips for marketing team. Once these tips are followed, the lead generation strategies allow sales teams to contact prospects within a single day.

1.     Identifying your audience 

Understanding and identifying your leads is an essential aspect of the lead management process. Before you can begin any other step, you have to identify your possible customers and your ideal buyer. It will help you formulate the lead management strategy you will use.

So what’s the point?

It's usually a mixture of demographics, behaviors Data (include the kind of content they consume). Sources (define how your leads come across your company or how you're creating and acquiring new customers) Are you running campaigns? Referral programs? Social activities?


2.     Lead Capture Process When You Create eCommerce Website

It is essential to assemble and compile the correct data at conversion to manage leads effectively. You can capture leads through Chatbot, Landing page, and Customized forms on the webpage.

When you have your value-driven ebook, checklist, and analyst report ready, go to Google analytics> Site Content> All pages and select a time frame in the top right corner that makes sense for your business.


How It Increases Conversion Rate?

It evaluates the efficiency of your efforts to convert people who visit your site into leads.

To calculate the conversion rate of leads to determine the conversion rate, you need to calculate the percentage of leads within an interval versus the number total of people who visited during the period.


Our agency soft stings generate a traffic of 200 people who visit the landing page. Of those visitors, 15 complete an application for lead-capture. They inserted their email address and some more completed some more important fields that was asked in the landing capture form. Now that we have this crucial information, it is the best time to do some quick math.

 Lead conversion rate can be calculated as follows:

(15 / 200) * 100 percent = 7.5 percent

 The conversion rate for leads can be calculated as follows: (15 / 200) * 100 percent = 7.5 percent


Lead magnets are primarily the main components of the conversion ratio. Remember that lead magnets provide instant gratification—giving people value-driven content or freebie. Or showcase the potential to solve the pain of prospects. And the best part is:

Companies with advanced lead generation and management techniques benefit from a 9.3 % more achievement of sales quotas. Companies that automatize lead management can expect 10 % or more growth in revenue within 6 to 9 months.

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