How Have Powder Coating Finishes Evolved Over The Decades?
How Have Powder Coating Finishes Evolved Over The Decades?
The evolution and updates of the powder coating is needed for better application of it.

Powder coating is an environment-friendly, high-performing finishing powder that is more popular and cost-efficient because of its performance in the metal substrate coating application. The popularity of this powder coating has increased rapidly with the progress in technology. Powder coating has been used over the past few decades, and new inventions have taken place to make it more useful. Powder coating finishes have faced some challenges, which is why modern technology has tried to evolve it with more usability.

Let’s see how powder-coating finishes have evolved over the past few decades.

Curated Acrylic Polyester Powders Of the Early 1990s:

The attempt of UV installation to the powder coating finishes was commenced with the acrylic polyester system. In this method, the powder coating was directed to the direct heat for the flow, but the UV radiation fully cured them. The generous attempt of UV radiation did not work well with the wood finishes because it does not impact well with the environmental change. On the other hand, the acrylic polyester finishes have been too hard and brittle after drying.

UV-Cured Unsaturated Polyester-Urethane Powders Of the Mid-1990s:

A few years after the first coating, a new approach to UV radiation was installed using polyester-urethane chemistry. This outcome helped shrink and swell the wood-based product, but it had other challenges. Few powder coating services successfully applied this coating, but the UV cure only worked on flat or nearly-flat surfaces where film thickness was limited. In many cases, the inter-coat adhesion was incorrect, which did not work well with the application and where the UV curation did not work.

Thermoset Powders Of the Late 90s:

The late 1990s to early 2000 used thermostat powder which advocated the thermoset chemistry for MFD coating, used primarily on furniture. This concoction was called fusion bonding, which needed the powder to preheat for some time. The procedure took a long time to prepare, apply and dry out.

Modern Ultra Low Cure Powders:

The modern powder coating approach used catalytic IR oven technology with high absorption. This method has cured the previous challenges of powder coating: time and temperature issues. This updated version uses the electrostatic application to overcome the aforementioned challenges.


The use of powder coating has evolved over the edges, creating a better version with technology. The proper application can be found with the help of the best powder coating services.