Gilead COMPASS Initiative®: Expanding Their Efforts to Combat HIV Stigma
Gilead COMPASS Initiative®: Expanding Their Efforts to Combat HIV Stigma
Gilead COMPASS Initiative® is a trusted initiative working for aids coalition.

HIV AIDS affects thousands of people in the US. And the effect is not only limited to their health, instead, it starts affecting their life to a greater extent. Affected individuals get shunned by their families, neighborhoods, lose their job, and can’t get adequate medical services due to prejudice. Click here to read more about HIV AIDS social stigma.

Now, there is a greater need to combat this stigma. And there are already several non-profit organizations that are fighting the social stigma associated with the disease. However, the lack of adequate Gilead grant funding causes them to reduce their efforts. In times like these, bigger corporations must step-up and aid such non-profit organization by providing corporate funding. One such corporate funding initiative is Gilead COMPASS Initiative®.

Gilead COMPASS Initiative® is amongst the select few initiatives that is solely aimed at fighting and reducing the stigma associated with HIV AIDS. They are mainly working in Southern USA where several African American families are struggling to cope with the effects of this disease. The initiative one of steps taken by leading biopharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences, Inc. Visit here to read about the company and their previous contributions.

This is a $100 million initiative with a 10-year commitment. The main aim of this initiative is:

• Support local non-profit organizations financially to ensure that their campaigns fighting HIV AIDS stigma continue and bring results.

• The initiative also intends to collaborate with different AIDS services coalition to bring in more manpower and resources to support the disease-stricken families.

• The initiative aims at training individuals and organizations on methods that help them better fight the stigma. They provide training in four major areas:

1. stigma reduction,

2. shared knowledge and capacity building,

3. spiritual integration of capacity building and faith-based advocacy,

4. trauma-informed care, substance abuse, mental health and well-being.

• The initiative now has four Coordinating centers, namely:

1. Emory University Rollins School of Public Health

2. Wake Forest School of Divinity

3. Southern AIDS Coalition

4. University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work

Gilead COMPASS Initiative® is striving hard to become the finest Southern HIV impact fund in the region by providing the finest resources. So, whether you are an individual or part of a non-profit organization combating HIV AIDS stigma.

Gilead COMPASS Initiative® is surely becoming one of those initiatives that has slowly found success. Join hands with them now to reduce HIV stigma.

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