Features of OpenSea Clone Script
Features of OpenSea Clone Script
Here you can know about the features of OpenSea Clone Script that we provide at Security Tokenizer.

What is OpenSea Clone?


OpenSea Clone Script is an NFT clone script developed on Ethereum Blockchain network that will help you launch your own P2P NFT marketplace platform to buy, sell, exchange and auction unique digital assets just like Opensea. Security Tokenizer, a leading NFT Marketplace Development Company furnishes the best OpenSea clone script that allows for the secure, transparent and reliable trading of ERC721 and ERC1155 assets which results in instant revenue on every secondary sale of crypto items.


Unique Features of Our OpenSea Clone Script


Below mentioned are some of the unique features of OpenSea Clone Script that we offer at Security Tokenizer.


Store Front


Astounding and creative store front design to display the listed NFTs that let users to explore NFTs easily.


IPFS Storage


This symbolizes that integration of Interplanetary File System to safely and securely store NFTs.


NFT Wallet Integration


NFT wallet integration lets users to store all sorts of NFTs in NFT wallet, hence they cam sell/buy NFTs later.


NFT Minting


Easy, straightforward and instant NFT minting process lets creators upload their art work in a hassle free way.


Royalty Support


This royalty payment support is for the purpose of rewarding creators for a lifetime.


P2P Transaction


The feature peer-to-peer transaction indicates the transfer of special and rare NFTs


Native Token Governance


This feature is to develop your own native token for your NFT marketplace


Metaverse Capability


This feature is to list virtual lands as well as real world assets as NFTs in the platform.


To launch an NFT marketplace platform of your own, reach out to Security Tokenizer. With our effective OpenSea Clone Script you can instantly launch your own NFT marketplace platform.