Do You Need the Help Of Orthodontists Open On Saturdays?
Do You Need the Help Of Orthodontists Open On Saturdays?
Are you looking for a straighter and more beautiful smile? Brace treatment can help you with that.

Are you looking for a straighter and more beautiful smile? Brace treatment can help you with that. Most patients get braces treatments in their teenage years. Since braces treatment takes one to three years to offer great results, you might experience orthodontic or dental emergencies during the process. Your braces’ bands and brackets may become loose or you might suffer from cavity or gum disease during the treatment. Here, we have discussed some orthodontic or dental emergencies that may happen during the process, such as; a broken tooth or injury in your mouth. Such cases require the immediate attention of dentists or orthodontists near me.



What are Common dental emergencies?


You can experience numerous dental emergencies each year. Millions of people can suffer from them and most of them are not aware of the ways of dealing with them. According to reliable statistics, they go to dental emergencies rather than visiting a dentist. If you are facing any dental emergencies, contact/call your near orthodontic office immediately and get the essential treatment. If the issue is very serious, visit the emergency room. You may also visit orthodontists that are open on saturdays.


Dental emergencies include:


  • Excruciating toothaches
  • Cut or wound to the cheek, lip, tongue, or gums
  • A cracked tooth
  • Tooth fracture
  • Avulsed permanent tooth
  • Constant bleeding after the fall out of a tooth.


If you are suffering from any of the above-mentioned emergencies, you require dental help ASAP. Some of them may need the attention of a dentist and some may require treatment from an orthodontist. Fortunately, orthodontic emergencies are not as complicated as dental emergencies in most cases.



What Are The Possible Dental Emergencies with Braces?


Firstly, you will have to be clear about your thoughts regarding dental emergencies and orthodontic emergencies. If you are having braces on your mouth, you need to visit both a dentist and an orthodontist specialist near me. Maybe you have some issues with your braces’ brackets and wire on the teeth. For instance, if a patient is suffering from tooth decay, it can lead to severe pain in the teeth. A dentist is a professional that can fix the decay by filling the cavity but the issues with braces archwire or bracket might be in the way. Therefore, he or she can recommend you to your best orthodontist in Miami fl so that he can fix it properly and effectively. For example, he or she can take off braces, archwire, and brackets to treat the cavity.


Additionally, if you have a broken or fractured tooth, visit the orthodontist to eliminate your orthodontic appliance parts in that particular area to get the installation of a dental crown or dental implant. Such a situation does not arise until you have severe tooth decay in a tooth, fixed before braces treatment. Most patients require a dental appointment before getting the braces treatment. It will help them ensure that they don’t have internal decay, causing dental emergencies in the future.



What Are The Different Types of Orthodontic Emergencies?


After getting braces, you might suffer from dental emergencies within 18-24 months, including;


Tenderness In Tooth: after getting braces, you might have tender teeth. In such cases, your orthodontist may recommend taking some OTC (Over-The-Counter) painkillers to relieve this pain. He or she may also suggest saltwater rinses if required. During each visit of braces adjustments, you may notice some soreness for the two to four days that will go away eventually. If it does not, visit your orthodontist immediately as the soreness may lead to severe pain.


Inflammation in tooth and cheek: You will have to visit your orthodontist from time to time for the adjustment of braces to experience normally. During the initial week, it is quite normal to have a sore tooth and cheek. Once you notice the formation of soreness inside your mouth due to brackets and wire, use the orthodontic wax to avoid irritation. If the irritation persists, visit your orthodontist immediately.


Moreover, if you have pokey wires, or loose bands/brackets, seek the help of your dentist/orthodontist. Your orthodontist can also help you determine what are good colors for braces. Therefore, make an appointment with him/her for the precise diagnosis and the treatment.



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