Complete Guide to Visit Abu Dhabi In 2021
Complete Guide to Visit Abu Dhabi In 2021
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The capital of the United Arab Emirates or UAE“Abu Dhabi”. Where authentic culture meets with the modern lifestyle. The exotic way of life, tallest buildings, and lavish mansions are the reasons to make Abu Dhabi a "City of Dreams". Those who are planning to experience the Abu Dhabi city tour are the real reason behind this guide blog.

In Abu Dhabi, there are more than two thousand parks, thrilling beaches, and green spaces. And many more things. Abu Dhabi is a very safe city and its national language is Arabic where English is spoken widely.

Want to know the best part? In this blog, we will share restaurants, attractions, and hotels in Abu Dhabi city.

What Are the Must-See Things in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi city also has many top attractions just like Dubai tourist places and some of them are:

Desert Safari:

Abu Dhabi city tour is incomplete without doing a desert safari. It is a fun adventure just like the Dubai desert safari. You can enjoy the safari tour in the morning or evening or overnight as per your availability.

This includes:

Pickup and Drop-off, Dune bashing, Camel riding, quad biking, and many other activities. The unlimited tea, coffee, snacks, water, and soft drinks at the campsite. Then a BBQ Buffet dinner and live performances at a Bedouin-style camp.


While exploring Abu Dhabi city, a walk along the corniche is a must. The most famous part is around the Family beach or Cornichebeach area. The Corniche is relaxing and elegant and has many cafes and restaurants. The corniche also provides lovely views of the beachfront.

Yas Island:

Yas Island is 30 minutes’ drive from Downtown, where Abu Dhabi presents a number of activities. These attractions such as Ferrari World, Yas Water World, Warner's Brothers, and theme parks. These attractions keep you entertained for a while. 

But Yas Island introduces a big Yas mall. Ferrari world is famous for the fastest rollercoaster in the world that reaches up to 240km/h. On the other hand, Warner's brother has the biggest indoor theme park in the world. In the evening, Yas Marina gives a positive vibe with the many nightlife options.

Dining and Restaurants:

Abu Dhabi has residents from several different countries. The restaurants in Abu Dhabi city are a reflection of this, where a variety of cuisine is available. These cuisines are cooked by award-winning chefs and genuinely impressive! 

There are many restaurants in Abu Dhabi for the foodies with more modest prices. The cuisines suit every pocket and taste buds in Abu Dhabi. Wherewith Arabic foods, international food is also available.  

Where to Stay in Abu Dhabi City?

The special thing about Abu Dhabi city, there are so many resorts and hotels to pick from low budget to high budget. But first, you need to select your budget because you can get some good deals at a pocket-friendly budget. 

You can also check these places on google map and select which area of the city you would like to stay.