Blunt Wrap Display Boxes: All You Need to Know
Blunt Wrap Display Boxes: All You Need to Know
When it comes to packaging your blunt wraps, you want the most durable and sturdy packaging possible. This means not just anything will work. The display boxes that you choose must be customized for your needs and made specifically for your product.

Blunt wrap display boxes are ideal for people who want to give their blunt wraps the look and feel of luxury or special occasion packaging. Blunt wrap display boxes are available in both large and small sizes. It makes them ideal for consumers who want their blunt wraps to be visible while they’re in storage or being carried around.

 Also for the consumers who want the added benefit of being able to carry their blunt wraps discreetly. In addition to all of these benefits, blunt wrap display boxes are also extremely easy to open and re-close.

What are blunt wraps?

Blunts are tobacco wraps (typically made from a cigar) that have been emptied of the tobacco and re-rolled with marijuana. They're primarily used for recreational purposes and can be either smoked or eaten. 

Blunt wraps are pre-made blunts that come in packs of ten, like cigars. They're designed to be used as an alternative to rolling your own blunts because they take less time and material than making them yourself. This makes them perfect for people who don't have much experience with smoking blunt wraps or people who don't have any materials on hand when they want a blunt wrap fix.

Health Benefits of Blunts vs Cigarettes

Cigarettes have been heavily linked with cancer and other health problems. In actuality, cigarette smoking is the main factor in American deaths that could have been avoided. This has led to an increase in tobacco companies providing alternatives for those who don't want to smoke or chew tobacco. 

Blunts are typically made from a cigar leaf. It is then wrapped around cannabis and smoked through a filter, such as a cigar or a cigarette filter. There are many different variations of this product that users can purchase including flavored cigars and wraps. They all share the same basic concept: cannabis wrapped inside tobacco leaves.

Storing blunt wraps with extra protection

One of the most common ways that blunt wraps are stored and protected are in a plastic container. These containers can be found in stores as well as online. However, they are more than just storage devices. It helps to protect the wraps from being crushed and can even keep them fresh longer. It is important to remember that these containers should always be airtight and have either a lid or an opening on the top for you to put your hand through. Consequently, you do not have to touch the wrap itself. There are many options for these types of containers and each one will vary in terms of its durability, price point, size, etc. It is important for you to think about what would work best for your needs before making a purchase.

Custom design ideas for blunt wraps

Designing the perfect Blunt Wrap Display Packaging is an essential step in marketing your product. There are a variety of ways you can go about designing the packaging for your wraps, but when it comes down to it, there are three main design options: 

  • Retail-ready: If you're looking for something that will stand out in stores and allow for easy access to your wraps, then a retail-ready option might be best for you.

  • Premium: If you have more money invested in these wrappers and want them to have extra protection during transport, then a premium option might be ideal.

  • Promotional: If you're looking for something that is more cost-effective but still looks good on shelves, consider using promotional wrappers. It doesn't require any design work at all

But no matter which option you choose, make sure the design complements what's inside the package. You'll need to put some thought into how many wrappers come per pack or unit as well. 


For example, if you're selling 5 packs of wraps with 3 wraps per pack, each pack would come with 15 individual pieces of paper. In this case, a plastic package would be more suitable than a cardboard one because it's sturdy and keeps its shape better over time due to its rigidity. 

A plastic container also has advantages like being easier to keep clean and making less noise as they get handled in-store environments since they won't crease as paper packages do.

Why are blunt wraps better than regular cigarettes?

Blunts are becoming more and more popular as the tobacco market is starting to shift. People are now looking for an alternative to smoking cigarettes. It has been proven time and time again to be harmful. Smoking a blunt is better for you because, 

  • It doesn't have all of the additives that make cigarettes so dangerous for your lungs.

  • Blunts don't leave a smell on your clothes or in your hair as cigarettes do. 

  • They don't create secondhand smoke. It means that people who don't smoke can hang out with someone who's smoking without having any ill effects. 

  • A number of states have outlawed cigarette smoking in public spaces, but since blunts are smoked differently than cigarettes, they're exempt from these rules.