In the competitive world, everyone wants to become rich and wanna start their own business. Here, MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) is a great investment, especially in this quarantine time. While developing an MLM platform with Smart Contract gives additional secured features for your transactions.

More Confidential Transactions 

The terms and conditions of the smart contracts are fully visible and accessible to all relevant parties. There is no way to alter after the contract is established. This makes total transparency of the amount transaction to all concerned parties.


High Security and Risk Free

Smart contracts has  strong encryption techniques employed throughout platform and fund transaction processes are a safeguard against from hacking /fraud and account tampering, and guarantors of members privacy. So participants on the platform run with  no hazard at all of any kind of manipulation.


Peer-to-Peer Systems

The smart contract based MLM software payment gateway that will encourages P2P commission payments among the team members on the program.


Multi-payment Options

Developing MLM platform with Ethereum blockchain Smart Contarct offers your customers multiple options when making online payments. These options may include debit cards, credit card and more


Effortless Payment


Assured and Secured Data Safety


Highly Trusted International Transaction


Avert Malpractice


No Extra or Additional Fees


No External Party Access

Why us ?


We gamesdapp, as the acclaimed Smart Contract based MLM Development company offers high-end crypto MLM platform along with advanced features, highly responsive and attractive UI/UX, and targeted MLM leads.


A smart contract gives trust among the members to access your cryptocurrencies that will impress more customers to participated in the cryptocurrency MLM business.