AI Threat Camera Protection | Security Agency in Bangalore - Gardozo
AI Threat Camera Protection | Security Agency in Bangalore - Gardozo
With ever increasing development comes a risk of threat, risks and security concerns. Gardozo aims to mitigate these risks by providing a holistic approach towards providing world class security solutions at cost-effective prices. Gardozo was established in the year 2019 with an aim of providing premium security services to everyone in need at affordable rates. With its impeccable service Gardozo is the go to name when it comes to Facility Management services.

 Our Security agency prioritize Security camera AI which takes visual data collected by a connected security camera system and tries to identify what’s happening. With AI camera system you can find intruders, our on-site security team to their location immediately without the need for human intervention. This massively improves speed of response for break-ins, robberies and other incidents. We provide manual training to our security guards to safe guard your assets with latest technology. 


Gardozo is a leading security agency in Bangalore which provide one of the best security services in our region. Our AI Camera Threat Protection allows us to keep an eye on all the activities takes place in a particular area which helps in providing a sense of security to you. We are one of the independent agency which always thinks to provide you with the best security needs.


We provide our security guards with latest tools and technology so that they can provide security to your commercials and take care of your assets. It will also help you to detect any suspicious activity taken place at any certain event.