5 Ways to Help Inspire Teamwork and Collaboration Within a Pod
5 Ways to Help Inspire Teamwork and Collaboration Within a Pod
Working in pods can enhance teamwork and optimize collaboration in a workplace. They encourage employees with complementary skills to work together synergistically. However, employees in a pod should feel like teammates for the strategy to produce the best results. That collaboration can be encouraged with everything from informal get-togethers to helping create a team identity with office posters and employee appreciation gifts.

Collaborative pods are an effective way to organize team members to optimize everyone’s individual strengths. However, ensuring that the employees who share a pod are as productive and innovative as possible requires a way to inspire teamwork. Since every employee and every team is different, there is no magic solution guaranteed to work for everyone. Even so, strategies like encouraging pod unity with employee gifts or office posters and organizing informal meetups can be successful. If you are looking to inspire teamwork in your office, keep these five suggestions in mind.

Empower Everyone in the Pod to Collaborate

One of the benefits of the pod setup is that the team members who share the pod get to know each other’s working styles, preferences, and strengths. You can empower the pod members to delegate tasks and make decisions regarding how best to make a project work among themselves. Allowing pod members to collaborate and make their own decisions rather than simply giving instruction can help build a sense of trust and teamwork.

Encourage Candid Communication Within the Pod

It’s always a great idea to encourage communication among team members who work closely together. One of the most effective ways is to set a precedent of candid communication from the top down. Establishing an open communication style among the team provides everyone with a comfortable, convenient way to communicate, collaborate, ask questions, and offer advice. Just as important, it can give the members of an individual pod the right environment to have a casual chat in between discussing work-related matters—an essential element of truly organic team building and bonding.

Create Team Identity with Traditions and Personalized Gifts

Distinct team identity can serve to draw members of a pod closer together. Each pod can establish their own nickname, traditions, and team identity. You can support that identity by brightening up the team’s workspace with office posters and matching personalized appreciation gifts for everyone in the pod. When pod members share a team identity, they can feel more connected and more willing to offer a helping hand when the workload increases or deadlines are tight.

Organize Informal Pod Meetups

Traditional team-building strategies like seminars on the importance of teamwork or trust falls can have their place. However, it’s becoming increasingly clear that more informal get-togethers are the way to go. Pod get-togethers like informal lunches, happy hours, or pod parties can be anything from simple casual hangouts to fun meetings during work hours. Either way, they go a long way toward encouraging a strong bond and continued collaboration.

Mix It Up and Move Around

As effective as organizing employees into pods is in a workplace, new pod groupings may prove even more effective. Interact with, communicate with, and observe the work style and strengths of the team members in the pods. Consider which team members and which pods could benefit most from switching it up a little. Perhaps one employee who excels at ideation would be best suited in a pod with a proven track record of putting ideas into practice. Allowing and encouraging pod members to work in new places is likewise often effective for stimulating rejuvenated creativity and collaboration. This might mean letting a pod work in a comfortable break area for an hour or even outside on a beautiful day. No matter how your pods work, they can be a great source of teamwork for everyone involved.

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