What Are The Things You Should Know Before Buying The Moonstone?
What Are The Things You Should Know Before Buying The Moonstone?
When everything around you drains your soul, take shelter in moonstones. Whether as a ring or a pendant - they’ll not only heal you but also keep you in flair. But hold up, do you what are the things you should know before buying the moonstone? Here, read this article to find out that and more.


The global pandemic has ushered in an era of style that underlines jewelry in all its glory. Since face masks have become the new normal, women now take shelter in styling with flamboyant accessories. And when talking about accessories, what could be more whimsical than gemstone jewels? Especially the splendid moonstone and its otherworldly beauty! But again, buying genuine moonstone is not child’s play. There are so many specifications that need to be paid sheer attention to before finally getting the moonstone. And if this made you wonder what those could be - don’t worry, we’re at your service! Read this blog to find out every little detail you need to know before buying exquisite moonstone jewelry.


Unraveling the unsung folklore about The Moonstone


We’ll get you the quality check handbook soon for buying wholesale gemstone jewelry in moonstone. First, let’s check out some intriguing lore about moonstone that captures its brilliance and explains why it’s a special gem:


  1. Romans’ side of the story

Perhaps the most popular fable! It is believed that the moonstone was used in jewelry for over two thousand years by the Romans who linked the stone with Diana - their Moon Goddess and believed that wearing moonstone brings love, prosperity, and success. 


  1. Greek’s side of the story

In Greece, moonstones are called "Aphroselene". Sounds familiar? That’s because this name is the medley of the names of their goddesses of love i.e., Aphrodite, and moon i.e., Selene. Interesting, no?


  1. Hindu’s side of the story

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesha wears a moonstone on his forehead, rightly explaining the meaning of his name “Balachandra” which means the one who wears a moon on the forehead. 


5 tips for picking the best quality Moonstone

From color to carat - a lot needs to be examined carefully before finally picking the moonstone of your dreams. So without further ado, let’s hop in and learn how to pick the best quality moonstones:


  • Colorless is pure

From blue, green, light peach, rainbow, orange - moonstones generally explode into a palette of hues when traces of iron penetrate the mix. But hear us out - the purest moonstones of all are the transparent ones. So, don’t get bowled over by the colors. Go for the translucent ones. 


  • Cuts bring out the best

While faceted cut brings out the adularescence, moonstone cabochons and beads are gradually rising in popularity. So, take your pick accordingly. If you’re planning to go basic, get a faceted moonstone. If you want a touch of unconventional style in your aura, cabochons should be your ideal pick.


  • Get the carat right

Owing to their high demand, moonstones that weigh between 1-5 carats are usually found easily. On the other hand, the moonstones weighing between 15-20 carats are considered pure. However, it all boils down to the type of cut and the jewelry arrangement one chooses.  


  • The clearer, the better

Authentic moonstones are inclusion-free and sadly, almost unattainable. However, the best you can do is go for the one with the least inclusions when choosing your moonstone. 


  • Pricing for all

Moonstones come in different price ranges which means it is affordable for all. So whether your budget is soaring or sinking, there is something for you nevertheless. 


Moonstones are fantastic

The mysterious stories around them, the healing they provide, and the varieties they are available in - everything is spot on! So, the next time you go buying wholesale silver handmade jewelry embellished with gemstones, do yourself a favor and get yourself this stunner.