How Do You Choose The Right Dakimakura For You?
How Do You Choose The Right Dakimakura For You?
If you’ve ever been interested in buying a dakimakura—better known as a hug pillow—then you know that there are dozens of choices on the market, with new anime and game characters debuting each month to fuel your desire to collect them all.

But how do you choose the right dakimakura for you? It all starts with knowing what makes these pillows so great, so keep reading to find out!

Understanding Why You Want A Dakimakura

The first step in choosing a dakimakura is understanding why you want one. What do you hope to get out of it? Is it for sexual purposes, or are you just looking for something to cuddle with when you're feeling lonely or sad? If your goal is simply to find a dakimakura that feels good and looks nice, then the best thing to do is choose the one that matches your personal preferences in terms of material, size, and design. However, if you want a dakimakura primarily for sexual purposes, then it's important to understand what kind of sex acts you're interested in before purchasing one. Some people may be interested in BDSM while others might only be interested in missionary style intercourse. 

Choosing Your Material

If you're going to spend a lot of time hugging your dakimakura, it's important to make sure the material is right for you. Here are some things to consider:

- Is the material comfortable? - Does it have an unpleasant smell or feel to it? - Does it get too hot or too cold in your room when you're using it as a pillow? - Is the material hard or soft enough for your liking? - Does the material have any major flaws, such as discoloration or tears? If so, do they bother you? Or do they add character and charm to the dakimakura? Some people also prefer animal-print textures while others like their dakis plain and smooth.

- Material Types - Polyester : These are often cheaper than other types of materials but can still be high quality. They're also very durable and easy to clean with just a wet cloth or baby wipe!

- Cotton: These materials can range from thin and clingy to thick and fluffy depending on preference. 

Choosing Your Style

Choosing a dakimakura is about choosing your style. There are so many styles and variations to choose from, it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you. In general, there are five main styles of dakimakuras: body pillow covers, 2D anime girl pillows, 3D anime girl pillows, male/female anime pillows, and original art work. Deciding on the style that best suits you is the most important part of finding your perfect match. If you’re looking for something sexy and romantic, then I would recommend body pillow covers or 2D anime girl pillows. If you want something less explicit but still want someone cuddling with you while watching TV or reading, I would recommend 3D anime girl pillows or male/female anime pillows. If none of these appeal to you, then an original art work might suit your tastes more! It all comes down to what feels good in the end! 

Choosing Your Character

When it comes to choosing the right dakimakura for you, there are a few things to keep in mind. Start by considering what size you want your dakimakura to be. If you're looking for something that's more snug, go with the smaller size of 160cmx50cm (or around 5'2x1.6). If you're looking for something that's a little more roomy, go with the larger size of 180cmx60cm (or around 5'11x2').

Next, consider whether or not you want an anime-style or original character style. Anime-style is generally characterized by having wide eyes and small nose and mouth with an overall childish appearance. 

Tips For Cleaning Your Dakimakura

-Keep your dakimaki clean. Wash it at least once a week with a gentle soap or detergent and water, then let it air dry so that any remaining soap can evaporate. Letting your dakimaki air dry will also prevent mildew from forming on the surface.

-Don't use fabric softener when you wash your dakimaki because the fabric softener coats the fibers and makes them less absorbent. This means that you'll need to wash more often to get stains out, which will wear down your plush faster than usual. And finally, don't put your dakimaki in the dryer. Yes, this may seem like an obvious one but if you put anything other than an old cotton t-shirt in the dryer for too long (like hours), it will shrink!

It's important to make sure that you know what type of material your dakimaki is made of before washing it and always read instructions on how best to maintain the quality of your product. Now go ahead and find yourself a great new dakimaki! 

Taking Care Of Your Dakimakura

Depending on what material your dakimakura is made from, you may want to take some additional steps to care for it. Fabric ones are usually the easiest because they can be tossed in the washer and dryer. However, if you have a more delicate fabric or design, hand-washing with cold water and using a mild detergent may be necessary. Silk and satin should also be hand-washed in cold water and allowed to air dry. Some people like to use a damp cloth on the outside of these materials to avoid wrinkles while they're drying. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Dakimakuras

What is a Dakimakura? A Dakimakura is a Japanese term for hugging pillow. It's a large pillow that you can use to hug in your spare time. They are typically large and come with anime or video game characters printed on them.

What size should I get? There are two sizes of dakimakuras available: full-sized and jumbo. Full-sized dakimakuras measure about 60cm x 150cm, which is the standard size for an adult. Jumbo dakimmakraus measure about 120cm x 240cm, which are better for kids or adults who want a really big hug! Both of these sizes come in male or female characters.

What kind of material should I get it in? Our most popular material types are cotton and microfiber. Cotton is soft and durable, so if you're looking for something high quality we recommend getting a cotton one. Microfiber isn't as soft as cotton but does have more weight to it so if you like something thicker we recommend getting a microfiber one. We also carry some novelty ones such as fur, teddy bear fur, or velour (which feels like velvet). Fur is great if you're living somewhere cold while teddy bear fur is perfect if you live somewhere warm.