Cellulite: TOP 5 anti-cellulite treatment
Cellulite: TOP 5 anti-cellulite treatment
This blog will introduce you to 5 of the most popular anti cellulite cosmetic treatments, including how radio frequency skin tightening works and the benefits of radio frequency skin tightening treatments.The thermal action of radio frequency promotes the regeneration of collagen and elastin.

Cellulite: TOP 5 anti-cellulite treatment

The dreaded word "cellulite" scares not only young girls, but also older women. It is understandable that no one wants to spoil the appearance of their body by putting a layer of "orange peel" on it. An effective procedure for cellulite in the salon will allow you to eliminate unsightly lumps on the skin, even out skin laxity and increase the expansion of the epidermis.

Reasons for the appearance of cellulite

The cells found in the deepest layer of the skin (subcutaneous tissue) are called adipocytes. They form fatty tissue and connect the skin to the deeper tissues of the body. This fat cells, if they increase in size, form nodules and bumps on the body.

The increase in fat cells, the weakening of connective tissue, and the disruption of microcirculation in the subcutaneous layer of the body - all of these contribute to the appearance of fat metabolism disorders in women.

Causes of cellulite formation

-Hormonal imbalance (puberty, pregnancy)

-Hereditary factors (genetic predisposition)

-Changes in metabolism

-Weight changes (obesity or weight loss, sudden changes in weight)

-Age (after puberty)

-Lifestyle, disturbed sleep and rest, wearing tight clothes and high heels

-Unhealthy diet, not drinking enough water

-Bad habits (alcohol consumption, smoking)

-Psychological disorders related to stress, neurological overload

-Lack of regular physical activity (limited mobility, lack of gymnastics and daily walking)

In addition to this, various diseases may cause the appearance of cellulite, such as varicose veins, diabetes, hypothyroidism, thyroid dysfunction, pancreatic dysfunction, diseases related to kidney failure, etc.

Stages of cellulite development

4 stages of development of fat metabolism disorders in women:

Stage 1 Cellulite: Pre-cellulite or "soft cellulite".

This first stage is characterized by slight swelling of the tissue, decreased skin sensitivity, and increased volume in the thighs and other problem areas of the body. The skin is even and smooth, but when the skin is compressed, slight lumps appear. Superficially, these changes are very weakly manifested and may also be visible in will not be visible on the body. Often during this stage, skin injuries, such as scratches or bruises, take longer than usual to heal.

Stage 2 Cellulite: Initially.

The orange peel effect usually manifests as muscle tension and a lack of elasticity in the skin as the hands squeeze it into folds. As the swelling of the body part increases, the accumulated fluid compresses the veins, thereby disrupting the outflow process.

Stage 3 Cellulite: Micro-nodules or "hard cellulite"

The fat cells combine to form "clusters" and the cell walls become rough. This stage is characterized by marked tissue edema. The nodular effect is manifested in the absence of skin compression and muscle tissue tension. It is usually manifested by pale skin, small knots felt when pressing on the swollen body part, accumulation of fluid blocking blood vessels, development of a honeycomb of connective tissue, rupture of fragile blood vessels, bruising and spider veins throughout the body.

Stage 4 Cellulite: large nodular or nodular shape

The skin changes are most clearly nodular and the nodules are clearly visible. Soreness may occur without external manipulation and squeezing of the skin, and pits appear on the body. In the context of lymphatic stagnation and associated with impaired blood flow, there is significant swelling.

In general stage 4 cellulite is very rare, and if it reaches stage 4 cellulite requires treatment. Self-medication and home procedures are not recommended, and a specialist needs to be consulted for details.

Cellulite Reduction Treatment

Completely getting rid of cellulite and stopping its development is not an easy task to accomplish, and this applies to any age-related changes in the body. It is important to prevent the development of fat metabolism disorders from stage 1 to stage 4. But there are still ways to deal with the situation. The cellulite problem is completely solvable.

Today, there is a wide range of cosmetic treatment services in the field of aesthetics aimed at combating cellulite, so let's look at them in more detail. One of the non-surgical, non-invasive ways to get rid of cellulite is the radio frequency skin tightening treatment.

Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure that involves the surgical removal of fat deposits and liposuction of problem areas, resulting in a visually slimmer figure.

But the most important thing we need to be aware of is that most surgical procedures are accompanied by severe trauma, possible hematoma, prolonged postoperative time and pain syndrome. Bandages must be applied after surgery and their early removal can leave scars.

It is important to know that liposuction does not cure obesity because the surgery does not affect the underlying cause of the disease. After liposuction surgery, it is highly recommended to strictly follow a proper diet and an active lifestyle, including moderate exercise, during the post-operative recovery period.

Cosmetic methods of cellulite elimination

Many aesthetic clinics offer the following methods to combat cellulite: compression therapy, body wraps, manual anti-cellulite massage, and vacuum radiofrequency skin tightening treatments.

Compression therapy

Also known as pneumatic massage, compression therapy is a treatment that involves the use of the principle of compressed air. During the treatment, special sauna blanket sets and special cosmetic equipment are used to provide the pressure, temperature and intensity of compressed air needed to treat different patients.

There is no pain during the treatment; instead, the patient feels the muscles relax and the heat emanates through the body.

In addition to cellulite removal, the procedure is also used to treat varicose veins and eliminate edema, as it is also very effective in strengthening the walls of blood vessels and normalizing blood flow.

Body Wraps

Body wrap is a cosmetic treatment aimed at body skin care, body sculpting and cellulite treatment. This cosmetic treatment involves the application of special formulas to the skin surface that affect lymphatic flow and metabolism, and with the help of the wrap, useful active ingredients are delivered to the skin cells. The warming effect produced by special means (insulation blankets, breathable films) prevents evaporation of the active substances and promotes their maximum penetration into the tissues. The active ingredients penetrate the skin cells through the hair follicles, sweat and sebaceous glands, are absorbed by the skin capillaries and then enter the bloodstream. This cosmetic treatment strengthens the skin, improves the complexion, helps get rid of visible signs of cellulite and also improves the body's blood circulation and metabolism.

Manual Anti-Cellulite Massage

Manual anti-cellulite massage is a therapy that produces a mechanical effect on problematic areas of the skin that show visible signs of cellulite. The anti-cellulite massage aims to activate the metabolism of the subcutaneous fat layer and improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

Manual anti-cellulite massage promotes the flow of oxygen into the subcutaneous fat layer, thus improving lymphatic flow and blood flow. During the mechanical action on the skin, the integrity of the fat retaining cells is disrupted, the temperature in the tissues increases, cellulite and fat deposits are broken down, become less firm and are drained from the body of extracorporeal fluids and wastes. The effect is achieved by improving lymphatic flow and blood flow to problem areas, increasing oxygen flow to cells, activating collagen fiber production, improving the function of sebaceous glands, and promoting rapid release of split fat.

Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Treatment

RF thermal lifting and skin tightening - performed on a professional cavitation RF skin tightening beauty machine. Cavitation RF machine uses radio frequencies with the addition of vacuum technology. The treatment mode can be adjusted by adjusting the function buttons on the machine depending on the area of the body to be treated by the patient. Ultrasonic cavitation destroys and eliminates excess fat deposits deep within the body's skin. The thermal action of radio frequency promotes the regeneration of collagen and elastin. This helps to contour the body and effectively tighten the skin. Cellulite is removed by improving the flow of lymph and blood.

The entire treatment is non-surgical, non-invasive and painless and takes approximately 30-90 minutes. The full course of treatment is determined by the area to be treated and your condition. The recommended interval between treatments is 2 weeks. Usually, visible changes are seen after the third treatment.


Compared to other popular anti-cellulite treatments, the non-surgical and non-invasive cavitation radio frequency treatment is definitely superior, it does not even require any downtime for recovery and you can go back to your normal life and work immediately after the treatment. You just need to maintain a healthy diet and good lifestyle habits, and the results of radio frequency treatment can last for a long time.