15 Totally Doable DIY Home Improvements You Can Complete in 60 Minutes
15 Totally Doable DIY Home Improvements You Can Complete in 60 Minutes
15 Doable DIY Home Improvements You Can Complete in 60 Minutes

15 Doable DIY Home Improvements You Can Complete in 60 Minutes

There are shows on TV where people claim to have finished home improvement projects in under one hour. Luckily, sprucing your home won't take too much time or energy. These quick project ideas might help you achieve substantial results in a short period.

These 15 suggestions for stablish home are easy to implement yet might provide significant improvements for a little outlay of resources. Your home's interior might benefit from their assistance in several ways.

A fresh coat of paint may breathe new life into an old room.

One of the easiest, least expensive, and most noticeable ways to give a room a new appearance is with a coat of paint. A further incentive to go all out is that anybody can paint their own house, even if they've never done it before.

Choosing paint colors for a space that would look well together and accent the existing furnishings might be challenging. Make good use of the suggested color schemes shown in newspapers and offered by paint manufacturers. Create a palette of preferred hues to share with a paint retailer and work with them to get the ideal shade. Most paint and home improvement stores now have small paint samples. You may test out your wall paint colors on a square of drywall or cardboard measuring two square feet. This will allow you to see examples from all around the room. Noticing how colors seem in various lighting settings (daylight vs. low light) is essential. Some colors seem quite different under multiple lighting settings.

Fix the leaky faucet immediately!

Most homeowners lack the necessary skills to do plumbing work on their own. Insufficient water pressure, a blocked pipe, or a dripping faucet might be to blame. There's a strong chance you'll want to get in touch with a plumber.

The steady trickle of this fixture is a metaphor for money being wasted. Fixing leaky faucets and flushing less often are two of the most basic strategies to reduce household water use. If you notice a little leak, set it up immediately to prevent it from becoming a costly disaster.

Clean your dryer vents.

When you have too much debris piled up, you increase the risk of a fire starting. If your dryer takes longer to dry clothing than usual, lint may be the fault. You'll need to unplug the dryer from the wall to clean the ducts. Even a simple vacuum will do the trick. To clean the dryer vent, first, disconnect it from the dryer.

Verify Your Power Supply Options

Check to see that all of your plugs are functioning correctly. To protect youngsters from playing with live electricity, cover any unused wall and power strip outlets and tuck away any exposed wiring. For your safety, ensure all the electrical cords and outlets are not overloaded. If a light switch becomes too hot to the touch, it has to be replaced.

Garden beds may be elevated to create raised flower gardens.

An 8-foot square garden bed may be assembled in approximately an hour using pressure-treated lumber, screws, construction glue, and landscaping adhesive. Make the parts by cutting and drilling them to the correct dimensions. Landscape fabric (available on Amazon) may be laid down to prevent weeds from sprouting up through the foundation.

These may become stained when exposed to water (rain, snow, etc.), leaves, mold, or automobile leaks. Using a power washer, these ugly messes may be quickly and easily removed. Rearranging your trip plans might breathe fresh life into your home.

Maintain modern hardware.

Sometimes, a screwdriver is all it takes to install new door knobs or cabinet handles. If you wish to install pulls that have never been installed before, you need to create a template first.

Declutter Your Home

Pressure washing your gutters eliminates the need to go on the roof and become dirty. You may also use a pressure washer to clean the vinyl siding on your home and the gutters. Don't just limit yourself to the ground floor; use it to clean second-floor glass. Close all open windows entirely before you start. Many hardware and home improvement shops provide pressure washers for rent, and you can easily find and purchase your own.

House wrap should be used.

Applying weather stripping to your home's doors and windows helps reduce the workload on your heating system throughout the winter. All year-round uncovered doorways and windows should have adhesive-backed permanent weather-stripping installed. Removable weather seals or sealer may be used for windows that will be closed until spring.

It's recommended that you replace your furnace's filter every ten years.

If you want clean air and a well-functioning furnace, you should inspect the filters monthly and replace them at least every three months. If a new filter is put in place, the quantity of dust floating through the air will be much less. If you suffer from allergies, investing in a higher-quality air filter may be worthwhile. Changing it out is a breeze. Just a new one will do for this purpose.

Water heaters need to be drained after

The water heater's base might get clogged with sediment over time. If you want hot water, your water heater will have to work harder to overcome the insulation created by the particles in your shower. Because of the high temperature, the metal is weakened, and leaks occur. To avoid sediment development, take out a quart of hot water from the heater every three months. Refer to your car's manual for specifics on how to do so.

Wash the Area Rugs

To make your carpets appear new, hire some relatives to assist you in moving stuff out of the way and then get a carpet cleaner. Carpets will seem like new, and that water will be shockingly nasty. You could shampoo the carpets in three rooms in an hour using industrial equipment, which takes less than 20 minutes to clean a room.

Lamps shall be equipped with dimmers.

A "designer house" cannot function without many windows and natural illumination. The good news is that you can get the high-quality track and recessed lighting without breaking the bank. Switch to a dimmer wire to turn every light in your home into an ambiance light. You can get this one on Amazon. Connect the other end of the wire to the light fixture before connecting the wall outlet to the wall. To adjust the brightness to your liking, slide the switch.

A chalkboard is a great place to begin.

Imagine a writing surface, and you may create one using blackboard paint or chalkboard contact paper. Your kids could appreciate you leaving them messages inside cabinet doors, or you might decorate the inset panels. Get rid of your post-it notes and replace them with contact paper magnets.

Hide Floor Damage


Despite your best efforts, it's possible for your hardwood floors to sustain some damage over time. Fortunately, there are ways to fix dings and dents in a bed without having to replace it entirely. To get a polished result, you may employ several methods. Scuffs may be covered with wood markers, like the kind you can get on Amazon.