What Can You Expect From Dental Implants?
 What Can You Expect From Dental Implants?
Nowadays, implantation, in addition to giving beauty to the oral and facial area, may cause problems for the recipients of these services over time.

Dental implants are used for people who have lost one or more teeth. Emergency dentist insert the implants and within dental surgery in the jawbone. After the base of the implant is attached to your bone, it acts as the root for a new tooth crown to replace your missing tooth. Finally, the crown, which looks like a natural tooth,attaches to the implant and fills in the missing tooth. For a successful dental implant, there must be enough bone in the jaw. The bone must be strong enough to hold the dental implant.If bone density is not sufficient, bone-strengthening or bone grafting is needed. Besides,natural teeth and supporting tissues near the implant should also be in good health. If your goal in dental implants is just improving your smile, Keep in mind that you can use teeth whitening treatment.

Can Anyone Do Implant Surgery?

In general, it can be said yes, but care must be taken to avoid problems in some specific cases. For example, by controlling diabetes in diabetic patients and using specific brands for them, the process can be developed in a way that quickly attaches to the base and bone. Some patients with heart disease who use blood-thinning medicines may be bleeding or have problems during surgery, thus controlling the condition of these patients can help them get their teeth implanted without any side effects. Smokers and alcoholics should also be reminded to reduce their consumption as long as the base is fully attached to the bone to prevent treatment failure.

Dental Implantation without Implanting

Nowadays, implantation, in addition to giving beauty to the oral and facial area, may cause problems for the recipients of these services over time. Nowadays, technology advances in the dental implants services have provided unique opportunities to improve the service to patients in this field. Dental implantation without the use of titanium implants is one of the most modern methods of fixed dental implantation.

 This procedure is performed for posterior teeth that their crowns are damaged and destroyed for specific reasons, and it is required to be pulled out. In this process, a damaged tooth pulled out, and then the tooth root and crown are made of zirconia or English ceramic materials in 3D ways in a specialized laboratory. The 3D tooth design will be prepared from the information obtained from the damaged tooth and are made with materials that have complete features similar to the natural tooth and is put in the mouth in less than ten days. Immediately after tooth placement, the surrounding gums will be secured by sutures, and gingival growth and bone changes over time will increase tooth strength over time.

This method is not 100%applicable to all teeth. Using this method requires specific conditions for this type of treatment, which will be diagnosed by gingivitis. After that, each tooth is pulled out, wait for one to two weeks for the gum and bone to be restored, and this will be an excellent opportunity to insert a new tooth into the tooth. The difference between this way and dental implants is that there is no need for surgery, and there will be no complications for surgery. The second advantage of this method is that after one week to 10 days of tooth-pulling out, the patient has a tooth, while the duration of treatment in the implant procedure will be more than three months.