What are Vintage Bands?
What are Vintage Bands?
Vintage bands and singers what exactly are they

Vintage bands recreate the music and style from the 20s, including jazz, swing, blues, dance band, and ragtime is just a few of the most popular genres of the decade. The most popular forms of music were blues, gospel, folk music, and swing jazz in the 1930s. Vintage bands also cover rock and roll from the 40'sand '50s, which have proven to be the most successful.

Not only do these retro-style bands and vocalists sound fantastic, but they also dress according to the particular period of time.

In the musical genres of the former years, post-modern bands and singers perform modern pop songs in the style of jazz, swing, blues, ragtime, etc.

These vintage bands for hire will dress in the 1920s style—perfect for a Gatsby-themed party where your party guests can join in singing and dancing. This kind of music became known as the postmodern jukebox (PMJ) due to the highly popular Scott Bradlee.

If you're looking for something a little more intimate, you might pick a retro singer instead. They often cover a range of material from the classic jazz of the 1920s and 1940s to the raunchy big band swing of the50's and '60s. These singers will perform with quality backing tracks and sound amazing and look beautiful.

These are just a few ideas on that may be of use when you are looking to book a band or singer for your next event. Vintage bands for hire have everything covered for your next themed wedding or party.

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