Vintage Singers and bands
Vintage Singers and bands
Looking for a vintage singer or even a vintage band?

Vintage Singers and bands

The most popular style of vintage singers is able to perform songs from the Gatsby eras from the roaring ’20s through to the ’30s.

A vintage singer carries their performances with a mesmerizing taste of Hollywood's golden era. A vintage singer or any of the vintage bands will give a tailor-made service, covering a variety of material from classic 1920s and 1940s jazz to the raunchy big band swing of the '50s and '60s.

Book a Vintage jazz singer for a smooth, mood-lifting, heart-warming, and stylish musical show that will awe-struck audiences everywhere. These singers will perform a retro jazz range to bring guests back to the roaring1920s and the golden era of swing and jazz.

The 1920s and 30s carried some of the world's most romantic and popular swing songs in the history of music, a vintage band will combine these great songs along with postmodern covers which will take a modern classic song and perform it in their own sophisticated way.

A vintage band or a vintage singer will bring live music entertainment for vintage-themed events 1920's - Gatsby - Prohibition -Speakeasy - Swing Dancing-bringing authentic jazz feel to any occasion.

Also, these singers will perform 1940’s wartime songs from the likes of Vera Lynn. There are many great singers and bands that will transport you back in time.

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