Most Common spa Facial which suits all type of skin
Most Common spa Facial which suits all type of skin
Have you yet experienced an astounding facial spa treatment? Well, Med Spa Beverly Hills offers professional spa facial treatment that will have bragging to your friends.

Facial therapy helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, cleanse pores, moisturizes, and hydrates your skin. It will also boost your facial appearance, but most importantly, it provides beauty and health benefits to your skin.

 Where do you start if you want to get a radiant face complexion and fair, healthy skin? But then get confused by so many spa facial treatments available. Every day you get to hear of a new facial treatment, making it hard to determine which type would suit you best.

 To enjoy the indulgent treatment, follow our guide to the most common spa facial suitable for any skin type.


Classic Facial

A facial specialist will cleanse and exfoliate your face after steaming it to unclog pores. And then follow up with a facial massage, mask, and moisturizing cream. It is the most basic type of facial and is also known as a European facial. If you plan to experience the facial spa treatment, this one comes highly recommended. Be sure to have a more radiant complexion after your aesthetician finishes with you. This facial treatment suits most skin types.


Your aesthetician sprays fine crystals into your skin. This procedure will strip off build up dead skin cells and provide intense exfoliation. If you’re concerned about your dull skin, scars, or fine lines, your facial specialist will provide this treatment to resolve those concerns. Give your skin a glow and smoothness it deserves. Your aesthetician will advise you to steer clear of sun exposure after the treatment.

 LED Light Facial

If you usually get bothered by pesky acne on your face, this treatment may be what you need. It’s a non-evasive therapy that uses LED light wavelengths to eliminate the bacteria that cause acne. It can also treat wrinkles, as it improves collagen growth. Med Spa Beverly Hills offers this facial treatment and suits all skin types.

 Acupuncture Facial Treatment

This facial treatment has many benefits: needles inserted into your face to help your skin produce more collagen. This procedure will firm your skin, help lessen the scars and reduce wrinkles because of cell regeneration.

 PRP Facial

PRP facial, or the vampire facial as popularly known, helps tighten the skin and minimizes aging signs. It’s not for the timid your facial specialist will draw your blood and place it on a centrifuge. The highly concentrated proteins known as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) will then be separated and injected into your skin. The procedure will rejuvenate your skin and minimize wrinkles.

 In Conclusion 

You can have healthy-looking and rejuvenated skin. Enjoy these pampering facial treatments for a radiant skin complexion and to boost your blood circulation. Ensure to have the facial spa treatment done by an experienced facial specialist.