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Men who suffer erectile dysfunction can feel insecure and their self-confidence is always a kick. ED is tough on partners as well, which can make them feel unattractive, rejected, or like they are doing something wrong.

Talk to your doctor about ED problem

Talk to your doctor about ED problem

If it'stemporary and just happens rarely, there's no reason for alarm over issueshaving or holding an erection. Any number of explanations may exist. It may beexhaustion, fear, consuming alcohol, or even side effects of a drug you havejust began to take.

But certain males have a more frequent condition called erectile dysfunction, which lasts longer (ED).

In oldermen, it's more likely, but age isn't the cause. There's a physical trigger inabout 75 percent of ED cases. It means the time has come to see the doctor.

How Your Doctor Can Help

It is sometimes as easy as swallowing a pill taken by the doctor. There are drugs just for the treatment of ED and they are as under: 

·        Tadacip 

·        Aurogra100 mg

·        Sildalist 

·        Caverta 

·        Fildena 

Other medical therapies can also be related to it, such as:

1.     Prostate surgery

2.     Radiation therapy

If the cause is known by your doctor, medication can improve you in the bedroom as well.

 Your psychiatrist will help you find a qualified mental health provider to speak to if fatigue, anxiety, or depression is causing it.