Jazz Bands
Jazz Bands
Different styles of jazz bands

Jazz Bands

There are so many different forms of jazz, below are just a few categories you are possibly familiar with.

Standard Jazz

Swing Bands

Dixieland-Ragtime Band

Cool or Fusion Jazz

Latin Jazz

Post-modern also more commonly known as a postmodern jukebox(PMJ)

You can hire a jazz band to play your favourite jazz classics whether it is for a relaxing background set for a drinks reception at a wedding or corporate event, you can add a vocalist with a full swing band to fill the dance floor for a great evening’s entertainment.

You could hire a jazz singer with backing tracks or a duo which usually consists of a vocalist and guitarist or pianist for more intimate occasions.

A trio or quartet is a popular size to hire with or without a vocalist.

Jazzbands for hire come in all sizes moving on up to a big band which would consist of 10 or more musicians which would include a horn section. These styles of bands were prominent in the 1940s and included the famous DukeEllington.

If you are thinking of something a bit more modern then postmodern bands or vintage bands would be a great choice. This new style of the band takes the modern classic songs whether it's pop, rock, soul, and performs them in a vintage style.

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