Health and Nutrition Advantages: How to Use Peanuts
Health and Nutrition Advantages: How to Use Peanuts
Despite their name 'Peanuts,' they are not nuts. Interesting, right? Well, then what are they? Peanuts belong to the category of Legumes in which you may hear names like Soy Beans, lentils, chickpeas, or green peas. So, peanuts are legumes. What does this have to do with their name? Maybe they got the name because of their external hard covering that you have to break to enjoy the delicious and protein-enriched nutty and crunchy legume.

Fact About Peanuts

Another interesting fact about peanuts is that they are not grown on trees, just as walnut, pecan, or any other nuts. Instead, they are grown and mature under the ground in the roots of the peanut plant. Hence they also got the name "groundnut." 3. You can use peanuts in every way you want: in meals, confectionery, desserts, chocolates, sweets.

Health Benefits of Peanuts: 

When you think of a peanut, one of the first things that come to mind is peanut butter and jelly. However, there's more to it than the taste. Peanuts are full of nutrition and health. The main three essential benefits to using peanut are: 

  1. Peanuts are a good source of vitamins that increases the blood level. 
  2. Peanuts contain extraordinary power to manage the sugar levels in the blood.
  3. Peanuts use helps in the maintenance of weight. 


You may have seen people eating peanuts as snacks while watching a movie or working on something. Peanut use helps them maintain their body fat and reduces the temptation to get involved in the guilty pleasures of eating fat and oily snacks and crackers. According to Best Selling Ghostwriters, peanut use reduces the chances of obesity if they are eaten in moderation.


Simultaneously, it also gives the body the boost of protein that helps enhance overall health. 

If you are looking to find some food that contains a low amount of carbs, and a high number of good proteins, fiber, and fats, then Peanut use should be the key to your answer. These three elements are required by your body to function greatly throughout your day. 


  1. Most people consider fats as a bad thing and try to run away from it all their lives. However, you should avoid not all types of fat. Your body needs fats just as it needs protein, carbs, and vitamins. Why? First of all, fats balanced all the body requirements and made sure everything that a body needs. Secondly, good fats contain fatty acids that help in the ingestion and absorption of essential vitamins such as A, E, D, along others.  
  2. You can say that protein is your body's energy powerhouse, just as mitochondria to a cell. This unique type of food contains specific chemicals like Amino acid that helps combine into a form of tissues, and we know what happens when tissues come together? They make organs and organs the organ system and so on. Therefore, peanuts supply a significant chunk of protein that helps build and repair the tissues and muscles. 
  3. The third essential element is the fiber which is very much needed by the body to control the digestive processes. It helps in the release of energy and helps in the bowel moment as it lessens constipation or prevents loose motion. 


How to Use Peanuts?

Now, coming to our question in the title: how to use peanuts or add them into our diet? 


Use Peanuts in Sandwich

The first and foremost use of peanuts is in the peanut butter and jelly sand which. They are not only tasty and amazing, but they provide you with the best of what your body required. 

Use Peanuts as Snacks 

The salted and roasted peanuts can be a good protein source and a diet to your empty stomach. You can munch on it as much as you want. You can find these roasted peanuts in a packed food item, or you can find the peanut with the shell that can be enjoyed with coffee on winter nights. These not only bring your friends and family together, but you will have something healthy to eat in your snack. 


Use Crushed Peanuts as sprinkles on various food items

Make your homemade icecream more delicious by adding the crushed peanuts on top of it. Crushed peanuts have always been a part of ice creams to give them the crunchy and nutty flavor. One can also use peanuts on spicy and sizzling foods such as spaghetti and Thai peanut soup. This not only gives the required health boost but also brings back the mouthwatering flavors in the mouth. 


Use peanuts in cookies

Who doesn't love cookies? You have to a stupid person to turn down cookies, especially one with peanut added on it. Whether simple biscuits or chocolatey cookies, peanuts always pair well with the cookies of any flavor; one could add peanuts as crushed as a whole. They always added taste to the item and bring out the best melting flavor in the mouth. 


Use peanuts with Chicken and Vegetable rice

You may have eaten the vegetable fried rice, but you'd instantly fall in love with the chicken and vegetable rice when cooked with peanuts, cashew nuts, and raisins. This particular rice gives your stomach to the brim and lets you enjoy the heavy dose of nutrients required by your body. Add peanuts into your diet for a healthier meal. 


Use peanuts in Nimco

This is a South Asian dish, mainly Pakistani and Indian. Nimco is a special type of snacks that are made with spicy and roasted chickpeas, peanuts, along with rolled and spiral form of cooked and fried dough that not only gives the chewy and crispy taste to the mouth but also spices up your life if you're looking to eat something refreshing and new. 


Use peanuts in Energy Bars 

 You can create your energy bars just as granola bars to supplement the right amount of energy punch whenever you are getting low in sugar and nerves. Just roast some peanuts add honey and sugar to let and let it settle down. Once it is dried, you can take it any time you want.