Features that you must have in your fitness tracking app
Features that you must have in your fitness tracking app
Fitness App Development

As per Polaris Research, the global fitness app market size is expected to rise to US$ 14.7 billion in 2026. Did you Know? Around 19% of smartphone users use fitness training applications to manage their health & fitness with the tap of a finger. So its the right time to Attract the fitness enthusiasts with quality-driven health & fitness app. But before building a Fitness App one must know the features to be integrated. So here we have listed some of the Must have features in any fitness App.

Must-Have Features in a Fitness App

Goal Fixation

Video Tutorial

Social Media Integration

Competitive Gaming

Personalized fitness plans

Wearable Devices Connectivity

Workout Tracking


Food Logging

Barcode Scanner

Live Streaming

Getting in More Detail for a Business, an all around business solution have features for both users and Admins. So here we have listed features for both users and Businesses.

User Features of Fitness App

Social Media Login

Exercises List on session list screen

Diet Tracking

Nutrition Plan

Calorie Counter

Personalized fitness plans

Profile Edit, update option.

Live Video Session

Chat with fitness and nutrition experts

Feedback System

Admin Features of Fitness App

Admin Dashboard

Manage User Profiles

Customize Fitness Plans

Customize Nutrition Plans

Coupon Codes and Plans

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How to Build a Fitness App

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