Eyelash Extensions Every Beauty Pro Needs To Try
Eyelash Extensions Every Beauty Pro Needs To Try
Every woman today wants and the ones you would least expect already has fluttering eyelash extensions It’s Lash O’Clock Everywhere

It’s Lash O’Clock Everywhere…and the Lash Extensions Epidemic has just begun.

Every woman today wants and the ones you would least expect already has fluttering eyelash extensions !!

From the extravagant Volume for functions and parties to the low-key Classic style for the everyday glam, everyone is wearing Lash Extensions.

Here’s why every beauty pro needs to get Reign Studio’s NovaLash Eyelash Extensions done:

Getting the eyelashes extensions done saves you time in the morning and gives you the spontaneity and readiness to go anywhere looking fabulous effortlessly. You can wake up and do no or bare minimum makeup and look and feel all glamourous with your already long, curled eyelashes! It helps you cut on the time that you normally would have spent applying that perfectly winged eyeliner or putting the mascara on and even curling, just to get it all wrong and try all over again and even more of it if falsies are on your everyday to-do list!

Since the everyday mascara liner, and falsie regimen gets off the list when you decide on getting the eyelash extensions, your cleaning routine is shortened by a lot of spare time at night rather than prepping for the new day ahead, you get more relaxation and fun-leisure time.

You can save huge heaps of money you spend on your makeup that you won’t need any longer such as mascara, false eyelashes, waterline eyeliner or even the makeup remover you used to remove the mascara!

Less makeup, less application of chemicals to your sensitive beauty, and eventually less damage to your skin! At Reign Studio, we will give you all the pro tips to take care of your natural lashes and extensions and suggest what products should be used and replace the ones that are not good for them!

Be it your office, or a date night, or a friends chilling and shopping time or a zoom call, or even a night party or function that needs to be attended, you are always on the go with Reign Studio’s NovaLash Eyelash Extensions on…

Effortless Beauty is what you get!!! No more hassle dealing with false eyelashes, less frustration, zero trial and errors, and no more questionable results!

Wake Up every morning with those pair of long, fluttery eyelashes and look naturally beautiful and refreshed with fewer layers, less product, and less effort. Let Reign Studio’s eyelash extensions solve the purpose for you!

Everyone needs and totally deserves that “me time” every once in a while. Reward yourself a little bit of that without compromising on your beauty pro mode and in fact add a little or maybe a lot more glam to your lash look. Rejoice in the first application session (a very relaxing LASH NAP) at Reign Studios & get all ready to flaunt that lush eyelash extension look you have always only dreamt of. Refill sessions are quicker but are always merry being that tiny break in your busy schedule to let you all spruced up yet again and making you pro beauty saving from the damsel in distress.

Lash extensions are resilient and resistant to water, sweat, workout, and pretty much everything that you do, and you won’t have to “take them off” like you would false lashes, saving you from the everyday hassles, and making your lashes all glammed up even while you are in for a swim or working out that sweat at the gym, making you feel all confident and sexy about yourself. And not to forget, they are highly comfortable, just like the bare lashes, with no makeup layers or weight of those falsies. Eyelash extensions make you look refreshed and feel comfortable even after a long, tedious day at work.

Now… Howzzat?  More ME time, less maintenance, and glammed up, fluttery eyelash look EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! Isn’t it great?

Then why the wait? Book for your first or next eyelash extension appointment with us at your nearest Reign Studio at or directly hop in and get FABU-Lash!!!