What Is The Affidavit Form?
What Is The Affidavit Form?
What Is The Affidavit Form And When Should You Use It?

The Affidavit is a type of legal form that serves as a sworn statement of facts and it can be used both inside as well as outside of a court. It is also known as a Sworn Oath, a Statutory Declaration, a Notarized Statement and a Sworn Statement of Testimony. A person who writes and signs on the Affidavit has got personal information or knowledge about some specific matter. He or she promises under oath that all the facts that are mentioned in the Affidavit document are true to his or her knowledge. Through the general affidavit form, it is possible for a person to verify the truthfulness of certain facts and also offer oral evidence in the court when it is not possible for the person to be physically present. Affidavits are often used in cases of divorce or abuse between two parties.

The various details mentioned in the Affidavit form

There are a number of terms and concepts that you should be aware of when you are trying to use a general affidavit form to present facts in front of the court of law. For instance, the person who is creating the affidavit is referred to as the affiant and the document must be notarized by a registered notary public. This helps to make sure that the identity of the affiant is the same as the name that is written in the document. The affidavit document also includes information about the plaintiff and the defendant and the dispute that is highlighted by the document.

Collecting the Affidavit form for your personal use

Currently there are many online platforms that offer free legal documents to users so that they have no trouble dealing with their legal matters. By visiting a leading online platform that offers different types of legal forms, you can easily have the general affidavit form you need for your specific case. You can also have the freedom and flexibility to choose the type of affidavit form you need. For instance, there can be the general affidavit form, as well as civic affidavits, businessaffidavits, family court affidavits and estate planning affidavits. So make sure that you choose the right type of affidavit form that you need for your case.