Reasons To Hire Austin Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
Reasons To Hire Austin Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
A motorcycle significantly increases your chances of being injured in a car accident. Compared to passenger car accidents, the severity of injuries increases dramatically as the risk of being involved in crashes increases.

Austin and the Texas Hill Country are stunning places to ride a motorcycle. Thus, the chances of accidents also increase. One should hire a personal injury lawyer in Texas to minimize the damage and maximize the compensation arising out of the accident.


Austin brings heavy traffic, many careless drivers, and many large vehicles that do not give bikers enough room, resulting in serious accidents. Unfortunately, many of these motorcycle accidents cause severe injuries to the rider.

Texas motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accidents may arise by various factors, including the failure of passenger and truck drivers to look out for motorcyclists when changing lanes, pulling out into an intersection, or entering the highway. Driver inattention, inability to identify motorcycle riders, failure to estimate the closing distance of bikes, and sun glare are all reasons motorists fail to yield right of way.


Because of its design, approximately 80% of riders involved in a collision die due to injuries sustained from the impact. Here are some of the significant injuries that could result in a rider's 

death or permanent disability:

Injury to the Spine

Our spinal cord is critical because it contains nerves that carry brain signals throughout our bodies and cause our organs to function correctly. Spinal cord injury can result in paralysis or permanent disability.

Injury to the head or brain

Severe head and brain injuries can have long-term consequences, and they can remain with chronic headaches for the rest of life. Brain bleeding is an extreme risk to one's life.

Amputation of Limbs / Broken Bones

An impact can cause a rider to be thrown from his motorcycle, causing his bones to break. Though doctors can repair most broken bones; however, some people are too severe to be restored to normalcy. In such cases, the victim would require amputation to save his life.

What is the value of your motorcycle injury claim?

Every accident victim suffers economic losses. Injuries are difficult to deal with on their own, but the additional losses you may face due to a motorcycle accident heighten your anxiety and stress. The nature and severity of injuries determine the extent of a motorcycle accident victim's losses. Victims suffering from catastrophic and permanently disabling injuries may face losses in the millions of dollars. On the other hand, a broken elbow could cost an accident victim a few thousand dollars.


The following are some common losses in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle accident medical expenses

Austin motorcycle accident attorney helps victims to receive immediate medical attention. 

Extended hospital stays are common when an injury necessitates surgery. Motorcycle accident victims may incur expenses for surgeries, post-op care, physical therapy, rehabilitative therapy, home health care, medical equipment, prescription drugs, and other services.

Loss of earnings as a result of a motorcycle accident

A variety of injuries can keep you from working. This recovery period may last a few days, months, or even years. Many treatments necessitate time off work to rest and recover. Your specific injury may also make it impossible for you to perform your previous job duties. You can't work in construction if you have a broken leg and can't lift heavy objects if you have herniated discs. Neck and spinal injuries can make it challenging to work in an office environment. Time is money, and every shift you miss costs you money at a time when you need it.

Future losses

Austin motorcycle accident attorney knows how to look at the big picture and calculate the costs of future medical care, as well as future lost income and earning potential if your injury permanently impairs your ability to work.

Non-monetary damages

Not every loss comes with an itemized bill. In addition to the physical pain and suffering caused by their injuries, many motorcycle accident survivors have post-traumatic stress disorder. They may be unable to resume their favorite hobbies, become paralyzed, or be permanently disfigured. These problems require real solutions, and a motorcycle accident injury lawyer can help you fight for justice.


Texas serious motorcycle accident attorney

Suppose you are seriously injured in a motorcycle crash, motorcycle accident, or other automobile collision. In that case, you should seek medical attention to determine how to treat your head trauma, herniated discs and back injuries, broken bones, or other injuries. It is then advisable to contact the authorities and/or investigate a possible legal action to ensure that the wrongdoing is rectified.

To conclude:

All victims have the right to fair compensation. Austin motorcycle accident lawyer can help reduce the amount of loss between cases. The motorcycle accident lawyer focuses on personal injury cases, which allows them to protect and fight for the client’s interests while working on behalf of motorcycle accident victims who have suffered a personal injury.