Motorcycle Accident Law in Kentucky
Motorcycle Accident Law in Kentucky
Motorcycle accidents are a tragically common occurrence on Kentucky roadways. Unfortunately, because motorcyclists are frequently neglected by the automobile drivers that they frequently share the road with, they are at a much greater risk than others on the roadway.

Motorcycle accidents are a tragically common occurrence on Kentucky roadways. Unfortunately, because motorcyclists are frequently neglected by the automobile drivers that they frequently share the road with, they are at a much greater risk than others on the roadway.

When something goes wrong on the road, a motorcyclist has only a second to react. Meanwhile, the momentary negligence of another driver can cause irreparable damage to your physical wellbeing and your life as a whole.

Whether you have been in a collision that has caused life-altering hardship, or are suffering from an accident-related injury that has resulted in mounting hospital bills – it is vital to have a motorcycle injury claims lawyer on your team to make sure that you can find compensation for all the damages you are entitled to.

What Are The Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents In Kentucky?

There are many reasons why motorcycle accidents happen. From drunk and distracted drivers to reckless driving and speeding — countless situations can give way to hazardous conditions for motorcyclists.

However, the most common cause of motorcycle accidents is the failure of a vehicle driver to see a motorcyclist. While a myriad of circumstances causes collisions every day, the most significant reason by far is the failure to notice motorcyclists on the roads.

What Types Of Injuries Do Motorcycle Riders Generally Sustain In Accidents?

Because motorcyclists have less vehicle protection by nature, they are more likely to suffer more severe injuries. While not every accident results in something life-threatening, some major injuries and common threads tend to be particular to this kind of collision.

Injuries to the lower extremities (legs, knees, feet, ankles) are very common because when a motorcycle falls over, it’s very easy for the legs to be crushed or pinned underneath them.

Another injury that we see, particularly if someone isn’t wearing a helmet, is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). These cases require special care and attention, as the harm associated with TBI is typically long-lasting and requires provisions for care that cover medical care in the present and the future.

It’s quite rare to encounter a motorcycle accident that hasn’t involved road rash to some degree — and fractures, broken bones, and harm to the neck and back are also injuries seen frequently in these cases.

Because of the variance and specific nature of injuries that motorcyclists sustain in collisions, it is important to have an experienced motorcycle injury attorney on your case who has the expertise to gather every piece of evidence necessary to prove your claim. Insurance companies will do everything in their power to play down your injuries and their insured’s a liability. When so much is on the line, why take the chance?

The legal team at Emery Law Office has over ten years of experience representing clients who have been injured because of the negligence of other drivers on the road. A motorcycle accident compensation attorney from our firm will provide the expertise necessary to find you a result that can work to support you in the present and uplift you in the future.

Is It Mandatory To Wear A Helmet And Other Safety Gear For Motorcycle Riders And Passengers In Kentucky?

The majority of motorcycle drivers and passengers are required to wear a helmet in the state of Kentucky. But, although helmets are always encouraged, some motorcyclists may not be legally obligated to use them.

Helmets are required for:

  • Riders under the age of 21 years;
  • Those only carrying instruction permits;
  • Riders who have had their motorcycle license for less than a year;
  • and Motorcycle passengers.

As you can see, there is only a narrow range of people who aren’t required by law to wear a helmet. Our law is written this way because helmets can dramatically reduce the severity of head injuries and instances of TBI.

The best advice is always to wear a helmet. While using a helmet is beneficial for the safety it provides, its protection extends beyond keeping you physically safe.

If you are required by law to wear a helmet, and you are not wearing one at the time you are involved in an accident, it can significantly harm your This is because choosing not to wear a helmet is considered ‘contributing negligence.” That is to say, an action that caused more harm because of a lack of care taken to avoid injury.

If you have been in an accident without a helmet – especially if you legally should have been wearing one at the time – it’s crucial to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. Insurance companies will take every opportunity to discredit your version of events and downplay the liability of their clients. They are time-tested and ready to use a litany of skills and strategies to evade a proper settlement that will fully compensate you for all your sufferings and damages. Working with an attorney at Emery Law Office means that you will have an expert in your corner who will work to find an outcome that will meet your needs and your goals. Recovery isn’t easy – litigation and legal issues present only another roadblock to your future. Choose to work with an attorney whose goal is to find an outcome for your case that will allow you to re-focus on your life as soon as possible.

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