Choosing the Right Bulb for Your Rattan Pendant Light Shades
Choosing the Right Bulb for Your Rattan Pendant Light Shades
The use of rattan pendant light fixtures is a great way to enhance the look of your interior design. They work great with Asian and other wicker furniture. Rattan, bamboo, and wicker have long been a staple of interior house design in many ancient Asian countries, particularly in Asia with a strong western wellness culture.

Choosing the Right Bulb for Your Rattan Pendant Light Shades

One of the key benefits of rattan pendant light fixtures is their subtle beauty. They blend in easily with other furniture, giving your entire interior the appearance of being created out of one piece of art. The designs can vary from the simple to the extremely elaborate, with the type of bulb you use also matching the style. You can find them in many shapes and sizes to fit perfectly into your home or office design.

One of the most important elements of this type of rattan lamp shades is its size. If you place a big chandelier in a small space, it will overwhelm everything else. Smaller rattan pendant lights can be used to great advantage to set a romantic mood in your bedroom for instance, or even to give a soft glow to a bathroom for a soothing moment when bathing.


It is often difficult to find adequate lighting for a small kitchen island. Even if you do have a wall mounted sink, the fixture may be too large for the sink area. To solve this problem, you may want to try installing an under-counter rattan pendant light. These lights have the same elegant look as larger pendants but may be smaller so they don't overpower the room. They work well to create just the right amount of light without creating shadows or glare.

These can be used just as well to compliment large drum pendant lights. A small fixture on each side of the large drum can look very nice indeed, creating a wonderful effect in an otherwise drab interior design. Smaller rattan pendant light shades may be installed to complement smaller fixtures as well, thereby providing a blend of color and lighting that enhance the overall style of the room.

Of course, no two interior decor situations are alike. So you may need to experiment to find the best combination of color and lighting that enhance your home's decor. For instance, you may decide to go with a black and white or black and yellow combination. You might choose to use a dimmer light for daytime and a bright one for a romantic setting. On the other hand, perhaps you prefer a natural wood color like cherry or mahogany. If so, then you can easily coordinate your rattan pendant light shades to match the existing colors and design of your dining table.

You may also want to choose a shade for your rattan pendant lights based on the furniture or decorative touches around the room. If you have a lot of delicate decorative objects, you might want to go with fabric or lace shade designs. For instance, if you have a dining set with intricate carved wood details, then you should likely select a shade that has some sort of wood tone to it. However, you should avoid fabric shades for something that is metal and painted.

Finally, when it comes time to choose a bulb for your rattan pendant lights, consider your lighting needs. The type of bulbs that you choose will depend largely on the amount of light that you need in a certain area. For instance, you should avoid installing high intensity (HI) bulbs in rooms where you plan to place a lamp such as a desk lamp or a reading lamp. In these locations, you will get more warmth from low intensity bulbs that will not last as long and cause more light pollution. However, if you are going to install a lamp such as a desk lamp in a specific location where you expect a lot of natural light to flood in, then you should go with a bulb that has a longer life span such as a high power LED.