Colorful, fun and fun: the circus theme is the new trend for an original birthday party that everyone will love!

How about the circus theme for her next birthday party? This is the most popular theme of recent times, which manages to bring mothers, fathers, children, friends, and all the guests together!

But why do children like a circus-themed birthday party so much? The answer is very simple: it is a very colorful theme, it represents very well different funny characters such as clowns and jugglers and includes the animal world that children like so much such as elephants, monkeys, lions, tigers, and many others ... It also remembers a little funfair with rides, games, large boxes of popcorn, the smell of cotton candy and ... a lot of joy capable of involving both children and adults.

In short, if you want to try your hand at this 100% fun-themed party, get ready to get your fill of tips and inspirations for an unforgettable circus-themed birthday !

Circus, clowns, amusement parks, and magicians ... Which theme to choose?

A circus-themed birthday party is great for celebrating the first birthday, but it's also ideal for older children who want a magical, well-animated party. Follow our tips to extricate yourself from the many possible circus themes and choose the one that best suits the birthday boy.

Depending on the age of the birthday boy or his guests, you can revisit the circus theme as you see fit, taking up typical motifs such as tents, animals, and clowns, rather than others inspired by the world of the amusement park or, again, symbols representing wizards and games of magic for the older ones.

Obviously, the circus theme lends itself easily to both a boy and a girl celebrating: more unisex than that, with so many bright shades, you can't! So, if you too want to discover all the tricks to be able to create a wonderful circus-themed decoration, all you have to do is take a look at this article to get your fill of tips and ideas! 

Circus wishlist: the essentials for a circus-themed decoration

The secret to a perfect circus-themed party? As with all parties, we recommend that you compile a nice list of essential elements for a  circus-themed decoration that is not lacking in anything:


  1. Red and white striped decorations and objects are necessary to remember the circus and its famous big top: you can opt for a beautiful red and white striped tablecloth, or for other items such as popcorn boxes, disposable table sets, and much even more...

  2. Children are crazy about the animal world, regardless of how old they are, so circus animals must be present: space for monkeys, giraffes, elephants, tigers, lions, and so on and so forth!

  3. The essential decoration for any type of party? We are talking about balloons: whether they are in colored latex, with printed motifs, or in aluminum with original shapes, balloons are a must for a fun and successful circus-themed party!

  4. A ' cunning practical and fast to recreate the atmosphere of the circus tent or ornamentation of an amusement park? Do not miss the beautiful garlands with multicolor flags: plain colors, rather than stripes or other motifs, will perfectly decorate your location.

  5. What circus is without clowns? If you do not find volunteers willing to dress up, here is the idea for a perfect circus-themed set-up: choose clown silhouettes to place on the wall or hang, decorations with clowns or clown accessories such as clown noses to distribute to all the guests to make them get to the heart of your circus-themed party.

  6. Those with a sweet tooth know that circus and amusement parks rhyme with candies, sweets, lollipops, and cotton candy ... So, we advise you not to miss sweets and other delicacies on your buffet for the delight of your guests!

  7. In addition to the classic clown nose, even the cardboard hats are a nice idea to set your little guests in and play the role of little clowns or circus trainers!

  8. Ok, don't forget the candies. But how do you do it for savory lovers? The solution is very simple and is called " popcorn ". Arranged in nice striped popcorn boxes, they will make all their effect on the table and make happy those who prefer them to sweets ... Obviously, for the sweet tooth, you can opt for popcorn with sugar (to please everyone is sometimes quite easy! ).

  9. A little trick never hurts, especially if you need to transform yourself into a circus animal or a funny clown ... to the delight of the little ones!

  10. Finally, as you will have understood, for a very successful circus-themed party, you will need imagination, creativity, and lots of ... COLOR! Space for bright colors: in addition to red and white patterns, go with yellow, green, orange, and blue!


How to make a special circus-themed sugared almond?

The sugared almond or candy bar is the trend of the moment, so don't miss our tips for creating a colorful and greedy circus-themed buffet! To set up your circus-themed sugared almond, draw inspiration from the easy and nice ideas of our wishlist and create simple recipes to be able to prepare themed sweets, which are good for both a circus party and an amusement park.



The trick to adding a touch of color to your buffet will be to arrange the candies in large transparent glass containers or fill your multicolored striped boxes with salty or sweet popcorn. And if you are looking for recipes for a circus-themed buffet , here are some really easy to make tasty ideas :

  • The cake pops make everyone go crazy: they are delicious, tasty, easy to prepare and eat and you can decorate as you wish! You can decorate them with small sugar decorations or you can dip them in colored icing to be able to recreate the love apples that are often sold in amusement parks and village parties.

  • Alternatively, you can make a marshmallow cream: adults and children love it !!

  • And if your kids love apples of love ( perfect idea to eat fruit during the party, even if full of sugar! ), Here is the recipe to make them at home quickly and easily.

  • As for drinks, create colorful fruit cocktails to be served in colored glasses or glass bottles ( not recommended if the children are really small! ).

Which cake to make for a circus-themed birthday?

The moment of the cake is always the most beautiful during a birthday party: the candles go out surrounded by the affection of friends and family, the sweet tooth are waiting to enjoy a delicious slice of cake and it is also usually the time to open the gifts!

If you want to make this moment unique, rely on our tips to make a spectacular circus-themed birthday cake in a few simple steps! 


Bet everything on color and joy and, if you don't want to go wrong, with our recipe for the famous rainbow cake you will leave everyone speechless! It is so beautiful that you will almost mind eating it!

Those who are comfortable with sugar paste can try their hand at decorating the cake, creating a colored base, and then different motifs to overlap. For the less experienced in cake design, the trick to decorating the circus-themed cake in a super easy and quick way will be to resort to figurines of circus animals and clowns or decorative toothpicks!

 How to animate a circus-themed birthday? Here are our tips!

Entertaining a band of lively children is not always easy, but fear not: we have lots of suggestions and ideas for games and animations for your circus-themed party that will entertain even the rowdiest!

 Inspired by the Mexican tradition, buy a nice circus-themed piñata: whether it is in the shape of a circus tent or in the shape of animals, it will allow children to have fun in a really simple way! How does it work?

 After filling it with toys, candies, and chocolates, hang it in the room of your party or on a tree ( if the party is for example outdoors or in the garden ) and let the children hit it with a stick. As soon as the piñata breaks, it will drop all the surprises you have hidden inside for the joy of the children who will fill up with sweets and toys!


Looking for ideas for quieter animation? Opt for a creative atelier with circus-themed designs to color and complete as they please. Finally, with the "face paint", fun (for you and your little guests!) Is guaranteed! Discover now many fun circus-themed children's make-up ideas to transform children into clowns, lions, zebras ... without being a professional make-up and wig!


Hoping that our tips and ideas for a circus-themed birthday decoration will be useful to you, we wish you a lot of fun and we can't wait to browse the photos of your circus party on our social networks! Don't forget to share them!