How important is lighting in interior design?
How important is lighting in interior design?
The lighting affects both the mood and the perceived size of a room. With regard to traditional and contemporary design elements, modern designers have made excellent use of these two sources. Lighting is a game-changer in interior design and should be carefully considered.


Lighting can make or break a space’s architectural and stylistic features. Rooms that are well-lit create a warm, inviting, and functional atmosphere. As a result, proper lighting is the most important aspect of interior design. It has the ability to boost and lift every corner of a room, from the furniture, flooring, and fixtures to the finishes and textures. Choosing the right light can help you strike the perfect balance of style, comfort, and functionality. The following are some of the reasons why lighting is important:

  1. Ensures optimal color management: It is well known that lighting has a significant impact on the appearance of colors in a space. It can either add to or subtract from the overall colors of the room’s elements. Furthermore, it has the ability to create an illusion by reflecting light from the walls.
  2. Enhances functionality while also serving a purpose: Lighting is said to play a key role in improving the functionality of space in the interior design domain. It illuminates the area, facilitates work, and ensures the safety and security of the employees as well as the premises.
  3. Directional lighting: The lighting in a room either illuminates the entire space or highlights very specific elements. Positional lighting is best exemplified by track lighting. The adjustable necks and lamps can be pointed at specific elements, such as a wall painting, a vase of flowers, etc
  4. Space: Both natural and artificial lighting contribute to the illusion of space. Natural lighting is preferred over artificial lighting because it enhances the visual space of a room by bouncing off reflective surfaces. If you want more natural light, consider large windows, or use sheer drapes and curtains to maximize the amount of light coming in through your existing windows.

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