Yellow, blue, green and lilac color schemes often invoke happiness and joy. Here, we explore why and what you can do to make your home a more joyful space.

The home defines the lifestyle of a person. This is one reason why people spend fortunes on creating the most beautiful and visually stunning homes. But what makes a home unique is its visual aesthetics and color, and designs. Aesthetics add soul to the house, making it more beautiful and livable. Considering interior design selecting a thematic aesthetic and color can play a vital role in achieving the most visually appealing look one expects. Interior design refers to decorating and modifying a space according to one’s tastes and preferences.


There is no season better than spring to revamp your house. The sun is always out, the flowers are blooming, and there is a hint of warmth in the air. Everyone should rejoice and celebrate spring because of how homely everything feels around us. One of the most extraordinary ways to update your space for spring is to play around with the color palette. The start of spring always has us go all out with the season’s bright and prettiest hues


Sophisticated Yellow

Yellow is a fun and beautiful color. It will revitalize the room’s interior, no matter how dull it is. This makes it a perfect color for spring. Try this sunny color palette in your room. It is the rightest color in the spectrum. Bring a little sunshine into your life with these uplifting yellow color schemes. For example, add fresh flowers, accent pillows, throw blankets, or a funky light fixture.

Serene Gray

Gray carries a tremendous amount of calmness and aesthetics. If you are looking for a calm tone, then gray can be perfectly springy. Gray assures encouraging feelings of composure, steadiness, and resilience. It is a very versatile and much-loved neutral color. Pair this color with a vibrant yellow or bright fuchsia for an aesthetic spring flair. You can also use different shades of gray to give a monochrome effect.

Pretty in Pink

Pink/ Blush has been a popular year-round color. This was selected for its ability to add balance and calm to spaces, be it on walls, woodwork, pillows, or cabinetry. It is essential to create a space that feels warm and welcoming. It is a balanced and soothing hue, softened with a touch of blush to create spaces with stunning & casual elegance.

Bright Heritage Blue

For instant grandeur and heritage, no color can match the timeless appeal of a bright blue. The rich hue with its chalky finish provides the perfect backdrop to prints & colors for chic mixed with wood & subtle white accents. Add in beautiful neutral decorations to life a scheme and create an unexpected bright look.

Dramatic Sage Green

Expert designers and forecasters have selected green as the growing color in 2021. Nothing says spring like a beautiful & airy green as it connects us to the environment, which many find soothing. But this year, everyone loves a soft sage green. Green is a versatile color and can many different tones, cool or warm. It feels fresh, is organic, and can be used for every gender space.

Sustainable Camel

Sophisticated and inviting, Camel brings in a warm feel. Its rich, textured tones elevate it by making it surprisingly tranquil in bedrooms and living rooms. The earthy shade sets off the classic colors such as white, off-white & Camel.


Pastel shades are among the most common and classic colors to brighten your home for the spring. People love using soft, muted pastel colors in spring. These colors are the perfect way to incorporate color back into your home after winter gradually.

Vintage Artisan

The colors are inspired by artisan craft & slow living; interiors embrace the beauty of flaws and imperfect coloring with warm and calming shades. Warm tones paired with dark accents create a scheme that speaks imperfections and celebrates the artistic you. These colors are relaxed, simple and the colors work in harmony, mixing and blending.

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