Must-Know Top 3 Useful Laminates
Must-Know Top 3 Useful Laminates
Are you planning to make a new home or renovate your existing home or office place? If yes, then laminates are the perfect surfacing solution for you.


Are you planning to make a new home or renovate your existing home or office place? If yes, then laminates are the perfect surfacing solution for you. Along with their stellar durability and affordability, one can also avail a wide variety of options in their colours, designs, textures, etc.

Not all of us may have detailed knowledge about laminates, and thus it becomes challenging to find an ideal solution for multiple countertop needs. Below is a list of laminates that you must know to ease this burden. While the most highly recommended ones are HPL, antibacterial laminates, and countertop laminates, unicore laminates that have solid colours, AFX laminates that are anti-fingerprint laminates, etc. also come a close second.


Top three useful and affordable laminates:



1.  High-Pressure Laminates or HPL: The toughest options in laminates, i.e., high-pressure laminates or HPL are the perfect solution for multiple heavy-duty countertops. Be it a kitchen or any other place in your home or office, HPL laminates bring the best benefits. One of the recommended options in HPL includes the Merino HPL laminates.


      Being one of the best HPL sheet companies in India, Merino offers a variety of laminates that are durable, affordable, and available in different designs and colours. All HPL varieties offer unbeatable resistance to boiling water, abrasions, and strains. These laminates go through specialised treatment that makes them extra strong. HPL is a good choice for worktops, storage units, cubicles, doors, and home furniture.

2.  Antibacterial laminates: Being an ideal choice for hospitals, healthcare centres, restaurants, etc., antibacterial laminates work wonders in keeping bacteria at bay. They are specialised laminates created using antibacterial agents such as colloidal silver that are safe for humans but potent against germs. Thus, these laminates can kill 99% of the germs present on any surface. Merinolam laminates offer a variety of antibacterial laminates. Not to miss are the different colour and design options that ensure that these highly-functional laminates stay high on the aesthetics. In addition, they are highly affordable and hence can be easily utilised for commercial or residential applications.  

3.  Countertops laminates: All horizontal surfaces are best managed by the countertop laminates. The users can go for these laminates in the kitchen, bathroom, etc., to increase the functionality and aesthetics of the place. The best countertop laminates are available in marble, stone, and granite finish options. There is no need to run for high-maintenance laminates when the countertop type can perform the same function with no resealing and polishing botheration. Thus, these can be perfectly used for any commercial or personal application. When it comes to the custom countertops laminates, the users can stop compromising on their surface needs and go for a desired one according to the budget. In addition, the Merino laminate countertop pricing further ensures that the countertop laminates are highly affordable and can be managed by all without any budget constraints.


Wrapping Up:


The above-mentioned list will help you make an informed decision while choosing your surface laminates. All these options are heavy-duty, sturdy, and offer the much-needed balance between aesthetics and the functionality in the surfaces. It becomes easy to find a perfect laminate for your place when you know all about these elegant countertops, with multiple options to select from at affordable rates!