How Much Bathroom Renovation Cost? |Ideas
How Much Bathroom Renovation Cost? |Ideas
Bathroom renovation cost play a significant role while choosing the remodeling models for your home. Moreover, with a professionally designed bathroom, one can turn the center of their home into a beautiful and practical space.

Bathroom renovation cost play a significant role while choosing the remodeling models for your home. Moreover, with a professionally designed bathroom, one can turn the center of their home into a beautiful and practical space. 

We will work closely with you to develop a renovation plan to improve your daily functions and add beauty to your home. Other than that, with a design concept that blends into your personality, we help you build the best bathroom renovation cost

Other than that, selecting the right tiles, accessories, and finishes is one of the important aspects. As this will make your bathroom into a comfortable and warm place. 

Bathroom Renovation Cost Estimator

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Green star home design offers a range of bathroom renovation costs. It includes:

Bathroom Design Services

We provide you with expert bathroom designers who have years of experience in remodeling according to clients’ requirements.

Plumbing and Electrician

It is essential to consider that proper plumbing and electrical services will keep your bathroom alive for a long time. Our plumbers and electricians can handle this better.

Moreover, the plumbing and electrician budgets are expected to be up to $1,450 and up to $16,000. Plumbing is expensive, but if done correctly is worth it.

Demolition Projects 

As it is a cost-saving approach. So, our team is fully equipped to ensure that all demolition is done safely. Moreover, you need not worry about the damage to things that would cost you soon.  

Fixing of Floor and Walls Upgrading 

We can install your favorite bathroom floor, paint the walls and paint all the other aspects before adding them to the necessary bathroom fixtures.

The bathroom renovation cost mainly depends on which material you choose. So, focus on selecting the budget-friendly option, costing up to $45 for basic bathroom. While wood flooring is significantly higher, up to $200. Always consider what you’re looking for while deciding your bathroom remodeling.

Installation of Showers and Cabinets 

Our contractors are well known for installing showers and cabinets in the right place. As, showers and cabinets are the main components of a bathroom. It will help you in determining what your overall bathroom design looks like once it’s done.

Finishing and Toilet

After all the furnishing, our contractors also do the finishing in which they complete all the renovation work. Mainly, it includes lighting fixtures, molding, fittings, and other accessories.

Other than that, the material and installation cost of a toilet is relatively low as compared to other things involved in a remodel. Basic remodeling of toilets goes for about $80, while modern models can cost up to $8,000.

Bathroom Remodel Cost Breakdown 

Remodeling of bathroom cost varies depending on the type of material you use. Other than that, some other factors also go into the price of a bathroom renovation. Firstly, select the best flooring, paint color options or design plans. Secondly, set up your budget according to the required renovation project. 


$500 - $500


$200 - 1,000


$270 - $400


$80 - $5,000


$100 - $2,800


$45 - $200


$30 - $60



What Services Do We Provide?

Let’s take smart strategies for your bathroom remodeling cost. Firstly, we will help you to select your desired renovation model. Secondly, we provide you with an affordable budget. 

Our major services to renovate your bathroom includes:

  • Use of modern tiles to make cleaning and maintenance easier. 

  • Bathroom backsplashes & counter tops to protect your walls from water.

  • Moreover, we provide different kinds of countertops according to your desire.

       (Including: Granite, Quartz, Concrete, and Marble countertops). 

  • Under cabinet & LED lighting to give your bathroom a more modern look. 

  • Use of attractive vanity to change the appearance of the bathroom. 

(Without the need to completely remodel the bathroom) 

Now renovate your bathroom with the best doors and add value to your home. As these doors are customizable to fit the needs and desires of your bathroom. As the world is moving toward innovative ideas, we help you in decorating your bathroom greatly. 

Furthermore, our main goal is to deliver our customers with quality work. Our main focus is to pinpoint and identify the source of the leak through the video sewer inspection.

Moreover, we also provide other services like hardwood floors and painting your bathrooms. This  will help not only to give a new look but also to make your work easier. 


How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Bathroom?

The basic cost of a bathroom renovation is up to $6,600 – 16400. Also, this budget varies depending on the type of material you want installed. 

How Much Bathroom Renovation Cost?


The cost of a bathroom remodeling can vary depending upon the expense, averaging up to $15-$20 thousand.