What do you need to know about the Brooklyn Famous Slumlords?
What do you need to know about the Brooklyn Famous Slumlords?
Born and brought up in Berkeley California, Brooks has been to many popular educational institutions to complete his education. Such countries include France, Spain, Canada, and the US. Gennaro brooks-church is a famous green builder who's known for running a business as Eco Brooklyn.

What made him famous in the industry is his potential in green building consulting, sustainability consulting, renovation, home improvement, advent salvage control, and others. The Spanish man did his graduation from Columbia College in 2000 with the most subjects being Comparative Esoteric Religion and innovative writing.


Gennaro Brooks's wife, Gendville, runs a planted network cafe and a close-by chain of yoga studios, spas, and kid's shops. He met Gendville unplanned in a yoga class and they started a relationship. Brooks-church and Loretta Gendville (the Brooklyn planted owners and slumlords NYC) are the co-proprietor of 1214 Dean Street, and they both love to assist people with love and peace. They are the famous slumlords in NYC who are struggling for settlement in the short-term rental operation.



Gennaro Brooks-Church, the famous builder’s love for nature has encouraged him to provide you with exciting and appealing residing wall concepts. More famous as a walled lawn, and vertical garden, Brooks Church believes that an inexperienced wall in itself is a self-enough lawn that can develop indoors and outdoors of the construction. The inexperienced partitions commonly have a growing medium that is protected by way of a strong membrane, which holds the plant life and offers appealing surroundings. What else’s, he's a real artist and a famous wall installer who creates magical indoor/door areas with creativity and dwelling wall flora. His love for nature and wealth of entertainment and education made him give creative thoughts that facilitate environmental sustainability and decorate the aesthetics of dwelling areas.


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