Things You Should Keep in Mind While Painting Your Building
Things You Should Keep in Mind While Painting Your Building
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Buildings, whether they are residential, commercial or industrial, need to be kept in good repair. Painting not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of buildings but also acts as a protective layer against the elements. It is easy to buy paint and apply it to the exteriors and interiors. However, for a pleasing and more thorough job of house painting or commercial painting it pays to engage building painting services specializing in this task. It also pays to know more about what is involved in house painting or commercial painting and how office painters and painting companies work.


Check surfaces

A simple visual check of the surfaces to be painting by building painting services should be carried out to find out about underlying defects. These defects could harm the fresh coat of paint. For example, moisture in the walls can cause paint to peel. Check the surface. The presence of moisture is indicated by stains in the painted surface or peeling paint and efflorescence in masonry or rust in metal or timber rot. Termites may also be present. Get these issues taken care of by the Brampton painting service or the office painters or house painting service you engage. If they do not undertake these tasks then engage specialists to stop water seepage, remove rust and take care of timber rot.


Exposure to elements

Paint is exposed to the elements and is susceptible to the effects of UV, rain, heat and cold. The choice of paint for exteriors should be based on:

  • Material making up the external walls and roof of the hose
  • The existing climatic conditions in your area
  • The expense involved


Today, people have vast choices in the matter of painting exterior walls and roofs. Paint may be made up of the good old oil based material or it may have acrylic emulsion with or without water repellent silicone. Paints are also available in materials such as epoxy and rubber emulsion. Discuss this issue with your Brampton painting contractor and choose the material suited for the purpose.



Brampton painting services and most commercial painting or industrial building painting services have their way of charging for their services. Painting companies may charge based on:

  • Per square foot basis – this will involve all surface preparation and painting work.
  • You provide paint and materials like primer and putty of your choice and the office painters or house painting service will charge labour costs.
  • All inclusive lump sum quote – commercial painting services will simply give you a round figure for the entire painting work including material and labour costs.


Each has its pros and cons. If it is a trustworthy building painting services provider you can rely on them to be meticulous about surface preparation and about the quality of paint they use and number of coats applied. It may work out cheaper for you to provide materials and let the commercial painting service provider work on labour charges basis.


Put it down in writing – get a written warranty

You expect painting companies in Brampton to use the best materials and methods and carry out the work within the specified time limit so that you are not inconvenienced in any way. However, Not all office painters or commercial house painters are scrupulous. They may cut corners in surface preparation, in the choice of materials used and the number of coats applied. Discuss everything and put it down in writing and get their signature with a written warranty about the quality of house painting.


Interior painting

Interior painting requires more care and expertise as also consideration about choice of paint material, surface preparation and number of coats. There are points to consider:

  • Moisture ingress or deterioration of the walls, ceilings, cupboards and other areas such as window frames.
  • Condition of existing paint. If it is dark and you plan to paint it over with a lighter shade then more number of coats will be required. The alternative is to have the existing paint layers removed completely, apply putty to the walls, surface finish it with primer and then apply light coloured paint.
  • Paint: The paint you use is available in different finishes such as glossy, matt and silk finish. It may be water based, oil based or solvent based. Different materials require different types of paints. For example, masonry can be covered with water based acrylic emulsion paint. Metal will need oil based flat or glossy paint or synthetic lacquer. Wood can be painted with oil paint or synthetic NC laquer or polyurethane based lacquer or paint. It helps to discuss all these issues with the Brampton painting contractor you plan to employ and get their recommendation as well as quote for the work with no hidden surprises.
  • Cleaning up: It pays to be very clear and precise about the post painting cleaning up services. Paint can get on to the floor, on the window glass and other areas and there may be debris as a result of applying and sanding putty. Make it clear that it is the responsibility of the painting companies to clean up and leave the area spick and span.
  • If ceilings are going to be painted then you will want your furniture to be covered with plastic sheets. Will the house painting service take care of providing the sheets? Get this clarified.
  • Time frame: Get a written schedule of progress of work and the time frame within which the work will be completed by the building painting services in Brampton.


One should retain only reputed and trustworthy building painting services because, as you will see from the above, there are quite a few factors involved in house painting or industrial painting. The ethics of the Brampton painting service provider also matter because it is easy for such painting services to dilute the paint and thereby save on cost and increase profits while compromising on quality.