All Tree Cutting & Other Services in Melbourne
All Tree Cutting & Other Services in Melbourne
Most of us were raised in Melbourne and we take pride in the service we provide to our community. We are committed to the safety of our crew and you. This is why we take all safety precautions, regardless how large the job. We continue to operate under original ownership who have over 30 years in the business, learning from mistakes and becoming masters at what they do.

Why an Arborist is important?

First and foremost, well-qualified and certified arborists know what he is doing with trees that we don’t have any idea about. They are properly trained in cultivation and taking care of trees including tress surgery, ill diagnosis, possible treatments and methods to prevent/avoid breeding tree diseases.  A good arborist can always tell what is going on with trees or plants, just by having a quick glance over it.

Hiring an arborist is not a light decision. It is definitely an investment which can lead you to obtain substantial financial and economic benefits and returns. Properly maintained and cared trees can definitely add an extra value and an aesthetically pleasing look o your home, property or basically anything. At the same time poorly maintained ill trees can be dangerous in safety regards to both you and the surrounding neighboring community as well. It is a huge liability you have to carry in such cases.

It is obvious that these scenarios are quite crucial. This is why you are definitely going to need an arborist. There professional expertise and ability and proper training to handle equipment with an extreme care is coming in a quite handy manner. They are well trained to operate special equipment such as chainsaw , climbing tall trees and cutting trees from heights. It will definitely save you a heavy burden from our heads for sure .

What arborist services are provided?

  • Getting a Tree Removal Permit:
    • We offer high quality service upon obtaining a tree removal permit from your local council. Each council has its own policies, rules and regulations with regards to tree removal. You cannot just rip off a tree as you need. It comprises many factors such as the size of the tree, where you live etc. Some local councils have defined tree preserve areas as they need to preserve certain tree types which are old and valuable. 
      • Arborist Reports:
        • We have years of experience of providing high standard Arborist Reports. We are looking at every possible aspect before commencing the consultancy work as we are concentrating to provide a comprehensive and unmatchable service to you which you cannot obtain from any other in Melbourne.
        • Preliminary Investigations and Site Checks will be conducted to assess the condition of the tree and make necessary recommendations. Here, we will be looking for physical attributes which there might be a possibility to cause any major or minor problem including property damages and human injuries.
        • We might move on to the next step – Detailed Survey & Investigation, based on the results we obtained in the Preliminary Investigations. Here, we focus on the structural instabilities of the tree and the possible internal defects which might have caused them. Also, we work on identifying tree diseases and pesticide attacks upon the tree which might cause such scenarios. This is where our expertise knowledge comes to the role play.
        • Finally, we prepare the sequence of these incidents we found during the investigation, in order to analyze them. Finally, we come out with the Detailed Arborist Report and we can guarantee that you get the premium service from us.


      • Emergency Tree Care:
        • Our team is in operation 24×7, 365 days in any kind of tree emergency service. We will quickly appear in front of your door step to make your life easy. We are careful in handling emergency call outs, as we have a separate set up for emergency services itself.
        • Safety is our first concern at any cost. We will help you to minimize or eliminate the risk and impact from the trees to your residence, property or building. We kindly request you, please have a look around. Trees don’t talk; you have to look for them. Don’t wait until the situation become worse. If you have an instinct of tree emergency from a surrounding tree, arrange a site inspection with our team.
        • With decades of expertise in tree emergency services, we guarantee you a hassle free, high quality service which will keep you safe from trees.


      • Tree Planting
        • We are expertise in planting of any kind of trees in any scale and we cover each and every aspect related. We have a highly qualified team with years of experience to serve you and guarantee you the highest quality outcome.
        • We provide you the service starting from tree selection, tree planting sequence and ordering, tree stocking, plant watering, fertilizing, after care, tree auditing, managing data and identifying tree diseases and hazards.
        • We establish a highly professional relationship with the customer, so we do not cut the connection once the project is done, but we are always available for you to assist in any kind of complication regarding the trees.


      • Plant Health and Maintenance:
        • We know how important the trees and plants are for you. They are aesthetically pleasing in landscapes and gardening and most importantly, they help us to live. But with your routine life with very tight and busy schedules, you have to neglect tree and plant caring. Trees are said to be like humans. When they are neglected, automatically that leads them to be unhealthy which comes out unsafe later.
        • We are here to assist you to take a good care of your trees and plants. We execute a simple maintenance program which is highly reliable and most importantly, affordable. We ensure that you will have better looking, healthy and lovable trees in your garden or property.
        • Also, we will keep track recording of the plant health care too. We will also look for any possible tree disease, insect attack or any other related problem free of charge.