All You Need To Know About Parquet?
All You Need To Know About Parquet?
Parquetry flooring is stunning and durable. Because it is hard wearing and durable, it will bring many years of happiness.

All You Need To Know About Parquet?

Parquetry flooring is stunning and durable. Because it is hard wearing and durable, it will bring many years of happiness. It's also an excellent economical investment because it will enhance the value of your home, ranging from 3 to 5%.


When you start looking into things can become quite difficult. What is the difference between the wood flooring chevron as well as the herringbone flooring to name a few examples?


Parquet is only suitable for older homes? Do you need to use solid wood, or can you choose engineered wood? In this post, we're going over the fundamentals of parquet flooring. We'll also give you the details that you need on the timeless flooring option.

What Is Parquet Flooring?

It's funny that the literal translation of the French word parquet is floor. When we talk about parquet flooring, we are talking about flooring.


However, in terms of flooring, parquet is a term used to describe flooring. It is a term used to describe patterned wood flooring. Patterns are geometric, and repetitive. Some of the most well-known kinds of patterns are herringbone or chevron, which are made of short planks of wood that are joined along the diagonal, creating the recognisable designs of zigzags. Other types of parquet you've seen include baskets, squares, patterns (either diagonal or square) and brick patterns.


Parquets can be made from either engineered or solid.


Brief History Of Parquet Flooring

The concept of employing geometric designs (particularly the chevron pattern) to improve the durability of footwear likely began in the early days of Rome.


However, indoor wood parquet flooring gained a lot of attention during the 16th century in France, and artisans created gorgeous patterns using tiny pieces of wood. It was very popular among those who were wealthy and their location in the Versailles palace Versailles was a guarantee of its popularity, not only in France but throughout Europe in the following hundred years.


Similar to other ways of fashion that show financial success, The intricately of the patterns that demonstrate the ability as well as the amount of time required would be an evidence of the wealth.

It was only after WWII, parquet flooring began to fade away as the preferred flooring. In part, this was due to the fact that more affordable options became readily available, like carpets. Also, with the new flooring options like vinyl and linoleum.


But, a revival in popularising parquet was triggered in the first engineered woods in the 60s and 70s. This allowed parquet to be affordable once more.


It has been in fashion in the years since its introduction, as home buyers eagerly rediscovered the original parquet flooring in their homes which they are renovating, and new flooring options being used into new constructions and older homes all over the UK.


The outstanding quality and diversity of engineered and solid wood flooring mean that parquet is able to be laid in an extensive variety of species of wood, colours and finishes. This means that parquet in its enduring beauty will fit in with any design of home.


Benefits Of Parquet Flooring

The benefits of flooring made from parquet are:


  • Herringbone and chevron patterns can create the illusion of space even in the smallest of spaces.

  • The history of parquet is being a favourite among the wealthy in the 18th, 17th and 19th Centuries and its prominent place in the stately homes of the like, it radiates the luxury of the past.

  • It's not a trend. For a timeless style that will not go out of style, It's an excellent option.

  • The strength of the herringbone and chevron designs are particularly strong.


Parquet Vs Herringbone

Parquet flooring simply refers to patterns on flooring. Herringbone is a kind of parquet.

The herringbone design is named for its appearance because it resembles like the herring fish's skeleton.


It is a popular pattern found in the paving, flooring, brickwork (allegedly it's origins are on Roman roadways) and even in textiles. It's a zigzag design however, it has distinct break lines between the rectangular segments (see picture). The breaks are caused by the 90-degree angle at the sides of blocks.



Difference Between Parquet And Chevron Flooring

Chevron flooring is a kind of parquet that is similar to herringbone, however with no 90-degree angle. It is because with Chevron flooring, the zigzag pattern is horizontal. The herringbone pattern is the same, but the 90-degree angle makes the vertical zigzag pattern well.


How To Choose The Best Parquet Wood Floor?

Parquet flooring is a must because it looks stunning and also because it is durable and will last for an extended period of time.


This means you have to be thinking about not only what would best suit your fashion or design, but also what has lasting aesthetic appeal.


Keep this in mind when choosing the colour or pattern, as well as the finish of your parquet flooring.


When deciding on the thickness of your flooring, think about the amount of foot traffic this area is likely to receive. Areas with high foot traffic will require to be thicker to ensure durability.


How Much Does Parquet Wood Flooring Cost?

The cost of installing flooring with parquet is dependent on a variety of aspects.

They include the kind or kind of wood. Pine is among the less expensive options, with PS25-30 per square meter. Oak is on the other side of the spectrum at around PS35m2. While mid-range species like Maple being somewhere in between.


But the patterns or varieties of parquet will also make a variation. More intricate and elegant designs costing more than brick, chevron or herringbone designs.


The choice of wood flooring made of engineered wood as well as solid parquet will impact the cost. Also, the thickness of either of these flooring types will affect the price as well as the level of quality you get from your wood parquet flooring.


In addition, the final finish of the wood as well as the kind that you join (such as the tongue and groove or clicking together) can also impact your cost.


When considering the price of flooring with parquet, It is crucial to take into consideration the costs associated with the installation, for example, whether you'll be working with contractors. If not, make sure you're able to complete the job yourself. You do not want to incur the expense to fix your errors! Remember that even though smaller blocks are less expensive, however, they can take longer to install. Determine which one is going to work best for you.

We hope that you are more aware of parquetry flooring, as well as the next steps to take in order to put it at home. For any concerns or would like to talk about our gorgeous range of parquet, call us at 02 9533 9577 today.