8 Best Hybrid Mattresses
8 Best Hybrid Mattresses
The mattress also features extra edge support and a cushiontop layer for added comfort.

Our panel loves Purple mattresses.

These beds combine different materials to give you the best of both. Hybrid mattresses are a great option if you have trouble choosing between innerspring or foam when buying a mattress. Hybrid mattresses are made up of different materials inside, such as memory foam or latex that is layered over steel coils. This gives you both the advantages of each. Because memory foam provides pressure relief and comfort, and innerspring supports and breathes, they are becoming increasingly popular.

The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab reviews all types of mattresses to ensure that everyone finds the right mattress for them. After reviewing features such as customer service and materials, our experts have product analysts and consumer testers try the mattresses out in real-life. To get detailed reviews of the mattresses our testers have, we also survey them. Over 11,000 people responded to our most recent survey.

Classic Mattress

Hybrid mattresses often consist of mostly foam with smaller coils to ship compressed. But Saatva's mattress is primarily made of coils with one layer foam between. The mattress also features extra edge support and a cushiontop layer for added comfort. This mattress is our top choice for hybrid mattresses due to its excellent ratings from our panel. They love its comfort and support and even call it the "best mattress ever."

There are three firmness levels available, with Luxury Firm the most popular. You can get free shipping and set-up in your home. There is also a 180-day return policy, which allows you to return the product for a full refund (minus a $99 fee).

Luxe Hybrid Mattress

This model, despite its low price tag, was rated highly by our panel. The mattress has a layer made of coils at the bottom and several layers of foam at the top to give it a soft but firm feel. The box comes with a 90-day return policy.

Our panel of users said it was worth every penny and gave it top marks for everything, from ease and speed of delivery to comfort, support, and quality sleep. Several users even said that it helped with back and neck pain.

Evolution 15 Mattress

Although this hybrid model is more expensive, it's well worth it if you suffer from back pain. The hybrid model combines support springs at the bottom and layers of pressure-relieving foam at the top. This is particularly important for pain relief as it lifts weight off your shoulders and hips. You have 120 days to test it out before you buy.

Although we don't yet have much feedback from users on this model, all that has come in so far is positive. One user who was pregnant told us that she bought it for her overnight pain relief and noticed an improvement in her sleeping quality. One tester said that he experienced pain relief within a matter of minutes after sleeping on the mattress for one night.

Hybrid Medium 10 Inch Mattress

This mattress is a great option if you want to spend as little money as possible. It is Amazon's most popular mattress, with more than 117,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.5 stars. Our panel also rated it as one of our top-rated mattresses. We received unanimous praise from our users for the ease of ordering online and the value it brought.

The design is simpler because it costs less  There are steel coils at the bottom and one layer of memory-foam on top. There is also an 8-inch version, which has less foam and gives it a firmer feel. The 12-inch version comes with more foam to give it a plush feel.

Nova Hybrid Mattress

This hybrid model, like other hybrids has innersprings at the bottom that provide support and layers of foam at the top to provide comfort. One of the layers is more ergonomically designed to give you more support for your lower back and shoulders. Casper's top layer is also softer, making it plusher than the other models.

Although we are still gathering feedback about this mattress as it is newer, users who have used it for several months praise its comfort and how it conforms to their bodies. Our panel was satisfied with Casper as an brand. There's also a 100-day free trial to ensure that their mattresses fit well.

Green Mattress

This hybrid mattress combines coils and latex with other natural materials such as wool and cotton. This mattress is certified by the Global Organic Textiles Standard as well as the Global Organic Latex Standard. It was also a winner in our 2020 Sustainable Innovation Awards.

The mattress's organic design is also remarkable. It has edge support and is ergonomically designed to ensure proper alignment. It is loved by many people who have slept on it, and they also highlighted its ability to evenly distribute their weight. You can make the mattress more comfortable by adding a pillow to it.

Hybrid Mattress

This mattress is a mix of materials and firmness levels. Dual-firmness technology gives it a soft and firm feel. You can flip it over to adjust the feel. To make it easier to flip, the mattress has handles on each side.

This hybrid model has coils at the bottom unlike other hybrid models. It is surrounded by foam layers on both sides and in the middle. The mattress cover can be removed so it is easy to clean. The trial period for this mattress cover is 120 days.

Purple Hybrid

This mattress is not made with foam and coils, but instead has coils that are wrapped around Purple's elastic grid. This gel material is supportive and pressure-relieving. It also provides good motion isolation for couples. The grid still contains thin layers of foam but acts as a transition layer between materials.

Our panel loves Purple mattresses. They are praised by users for being a perfect mix of firm and soft. The hybrid model is particularly popular because of its comfort and cooling capabilities. One user even said that it feels too cold in winter.