Which Food to Have Before and After Yoga Practice?
Which Food to Have Before and After Yoga Practice?
Yoga is a boon to our world and has been of great significance in many lives that were ailing and living in a suffering state

Which Food to Have Before and After Yoga Practice?

Yoga is a boon to our world and has been of great significance in many lives that were ailing and living in a suffering state. Ever since yoga came into being in ancient India, 5000 years ago, it became a portal to understand much more than just the human body and mind. 

Yoga is in fact a Sanskrit word that translates to “the Union”. It signifies the union or the coming together of the body, mind and the spirit. This can be achieved by rigorous training of the mind and the body through asanas and meditation and then synchronization of the actions to achieve a certain rhythm of functioning that aligns with the synchronization of the surroundings around us. 

The 21st century has seen a wide spread reach of yoga and its benefits. When yoga reached the international audience, it was the start of a larger healing process that has culminated to today where there are world yoga federations and associations that are instrumental in spreading the good word. 

Many yoga enthusiasts join the world yoga federations every day. And many countries that are known for tourism and travel have opened up spaces to teach yoga and give yoga retreats. India is one of the countries extremely popular among yoga enthusiasts who want to learn yoga or take a yoga teacher training course. Yoga teacher training in India is the best way to learn the authentic knowledge of yoga. Rishikesh in India is the world yoga capital. Enthusiasts flock to learn yoga in Rishikesh as well as take part in yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

There is a very common enquiry amongst yoga enthusiasts who like to understand the ideal diet for those who are learning yoga. Here is what you should intake before and after a yoga session:

Before a yoga session:

Since yoga sessions can be intensive and energy consuming, you need to prep your body for the class. But at the same time be careful not to eat a lot or eat just before class.

Just about two hours prior to your class you should intake:

1. Water:

Prior to the class, drink at least a glass or two of water. This will help you hydrated before and for the class. Drinking a lot of water can be a problem so drink efficiently and two hours before so that the water is digested by then.

2. Dry fruits:

Eat at least 6-7 bulbs of almond and walnuts. You can also choose to consume other dry fruits. The best thing about consuming dry fruits before the class is that it becomes a constant source of energy while not making your stomach too empty or too full.

3. A fruit:

Again, don’t consume too many fruits before the class. A single avocado, or a banana, or any other fruit of your choice should be consumed 2 hours prior to the commencement of the class. Fruits are a great way to intake necessary vitamins and minerals. Consumption of one fruit will not make your stomach too full, and by the time it is digested, the stomach becomes empty and the nutrients already absorbed by the body. Hence this is an ideal diet for before the class commences.

After a yoga session:

After you have finished with the class you feel rejuvenated, yet sweaty and empty in the stomach. A good meal after a yoga session ensures all the energy that the body needs to keep up with the progress it has made during the class.  Here’s what you must eat after a session has ended.

1. Eggs and bread:

If you eat meat and have not gone vegan yet, you should whip up 2 eggs and make it an omelets to consume with bread. Eggs and bread have good carbs that you must not overdo. Just a couple of slices of bread with two eggs are great for after a session.

2. Avocado toast:

If you are vegan, then there can be nothing better than to cook up two large pieces of bread and smother guacamole or sliced avocados won top of your toast and then enjoy the heavenly meal. 

3. Water and smoothies:

If you prefer a liquid diet, you can easily gather a few fruits and vegetables and blend it into a bowl of smoothie that will do your body all the good that it needs. And do not forget to consume water to make up for the sweat that was lost during the class.