What is Kundalini - Meaning of Kundalini – Yoga in Rishikesh – Sanskar Yoga Shala
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What is Kundalini - Meaning of Kundalini – Yoga in Rishikesh – Sanskar Yoga Shala

Perhaps this will be atleast fourth or fifth time I am going to tell you about something which youalready have gone through and tried to dwell more and more. This topic is ofutmost importance for each and every practitioner and anyone who has ever hadcontact with the philosophy of yoga. Once again I am going to be as forthcomingas ever and just like a messenger of our ancient tradition portray about it asit is given in the scriptures. As it has been one of my addictionsI begin with the very name itself, the word KUNDALINI means “coiled”, the veryword has been inspired from a dormant snake in hibernation coiled into itselfand in a state of sleep. The meaning is as mystical as the very concept behindit, the HATHYOG tradition is verily based and inspired from this concept and itimagines that the root cause of human potential and consciousness rests orsleeps dormant just like this snake in hibernation exactly at the very end ofthe spine (physically) and in terms of the whole chakra system right at thevery end below the first chakra.

I think nowyou know any KUNDALINI attracts us so much, as soon as the word root cause ofall potential and conscious power utter all those curious minds become alert.Now our beloved coiled serpent in hibernation has to be awakened via ourpractise and discipline of yoga and once this divine serpent awakens it slowlyslithers and rises beginning from the root chakra (also known as MOOLADHARA)and as a practitioner continues on the disciplined and focussed approach ofhis/her practise this seat of all human potential begins to unlock the verydivine potential one by one. Of course to assist our beloved divine serpent arethe nerve channels ( also known as NADIS) and among them the principle onesknown as IDA and PINGLA which for the disciplined and devoted practitionermakes way for our awakened serpent right through the spinal column( through theSUSHUMNA nervic channel) passing through each and every CHAKRA . As it doesyour true infinite expanse into the divine and also our tremendous energy andpotential are realized slowly and steadily, which many of the devotedpractitioners often refer to as KUNDALINI JAGRAN (awakening of kundalini).

What acontrast of cultures it is isn’t it when you see that in most Abrahamic faith aserpent is devil incarnate while in the eternal yogic philosophy and Indianwisdom the very serpent is the source and key to your own awakening anddivinity. The very reason why the serpent is considered to be divine andmystical as you can see the reflections across the length and breadth of theIndian subcontinent. Now once you know what are you waiting for, go ahead andawaken you sleeping serpent that holds the key and answers which your mindalways keeps asking. Progress in your practice.



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This is not just the fault of ordinary people. Learned scholars have studiedthe scriptures and passed on their knowledge to the general public withoutthemselves attaining realization. Nor did they strive to achieve properresearch in this matter as is done in most subjects nowadays.



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