What Are The Uses Of The Cenforce FM 100mg
What Are The Uses Of The Cenforce FM 100mg
Cenforce FM 100mg is a drug intended to have the same generic composition as female Viagra.

What is Cenforce FM 100mg?

With Generic Sildenafil Female Viagra it is possible to get rid of FSAD Female S*xual Dysfunction Disorder. FSD occurs exclusively in women.

The problem with women with FSD is that they may experience low s*xual stamina and low arousal to have sex. women with s*xual dysfunction may also experience low orgasm intensity.

But now it is curable by using Cenforce 50mg pill. With the use of this drug, it is possible to temporarily get rid of the disorder.

After taking the pill, patients should notice an improvement in blood flow to the patient's clitoris and vagina.

And that can lead to more arousal and more intense orgasms. It is also known as Generic Female/Women Viagra.

Using Cenforce FM 100mg means that you are effectively taking the same dose as 100mg of generic sildenafil. Whether or not this dose is right for you is up to your doctors.

Uses of Cenforce FM 100mg

The use of Cenforce 120mg is made to eliminate female s*xual disorders. It is a disorder in which patients may experience less than normal s*xual desire or attraction from within.

They have a nonchalant attitude towards s*x and may not achieve the same levels of arousal when having s*x or even be able to reach a higher quality climax.


When you check Cenforce FM dosage online, you will find that doctors will easily recommend women with female s*xual dysfunction with this pill.

The dose contains a single substance and is Generic Sildenafil in 100mg volumes.

This is a standard dose as it is good for patients with mild to moderate variant of FSD to take the dose.

This is because once you take the dose, you will have about 4-6 hours as the potential duration of activity of the pills.


The ideal precaution for Cenforce 150mg For Women pills is that you should only take the dose when the doctors give you the all clear.

Not only that, you will also have to follow a strict schedule for taking the pill and take each post-pill every 24 hours.

The idea here is that doctors will also ask you to avoid the consumption of substances like alcohol or grape juice, as both of these liquids have a high chance of creating side effects.

Doctors say that if you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding your little baby, you should also share this news with your doctor.

Advantages of Cenforce FM

Cenforce FM 100mg Pink has many benefits. Of course, the main benefit is for all women who will be able to significantly improve their s*x life after taking this drug.

By using this pill, even if you suffer from FSD while taking the pill, you will feel better s*xual vigor and can satisfy your cravings.

How long does Cenforce FM 100 Mg last?

In its 100mg dose, Cenforce FM 100mg can give you about 4-6 hours of effective time. Remember there is a waiting period of approximately 30 minutes and this will exclude this time.

How does Cenforce FM 100 Mg work?

Cenforce FM 100mg works on the basis of increased blood flow to female s*x organs. When you take the pills, sildenafil usually blocks the PDE-5 hormones.

Through increased secretion of cGMP hormone which will induce nitric oxide and its vasodilation affects increased blood flow, and as a result, female s*x organs begin to become more sensitive.