Welcome The Summer Season With 8 Effective Summer Health Tips
Welcome The Summer Season With 8 Effective Summer Health Tips
Summers are almost here, and so is the season of scorching heat and excessive sweat. However, this time, instead of becoming a victim of the summer heat and the many summer health problems, become a champion and enjoy this season.

These are the 8 most effective summer health tips by Addlife by Luna Jaiswal, Dietician in India that turn around this season in your favor.

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Dhaage Wali Mishri: Your Summer Sugar Alternative

Use Dhaage wali Mishri in summers. Substitute your regular table sugar with it and see the difference. It is easily digestible and is known for leaving a cooling effect in the body that helps you beat the summer heat. It also energizes your body, calms your mind, and alleviates stress and anxiety.


Curd, But The One Set in Matka

Yogurt or curd is probably the lightest and most effective fuel for your body during the summer season. Acting as an excellent pre and probiotic meal, curd helps hydrate your body and boost energy levels. However, always remember to set curd in an earthen pot or Matka. The earthen pot balances the inherent acidic nature of the curd and adds sweetness to it, making it perfect for summers.


Refreshing Summer Drinks With Sabja Seeds

If summers bring you scorching heat, it also brings you hydrating and refreshing drinks to beat that summer heat. Some of the best Indian drinks you can add to your diet are Bel Sherbet, Jaljeera, Coconut water, Rose Sherbet, Khas Sherbet, Shikanji, Gulkand Doodh, Chaas or Buttermilk, Saunf drink, Sattu drink, Aam Panna, Kokum Sherbet, Thandai and Ragi Malt. Continue reading