Top 5 Unique and Beautifull Dive Sites in Mallorca
Top 5 Unique and Beautifull Dive Sites in Mallorca
Mallorca is one of the most diverse islands which offers a wide range of activities on land and underwater. It has an abundant number of native reserves in which the evolution of fascinating numbers of underwater fauna and flora are present.
Below is the list of beautiful diving sites in Mallorca:-

1. Illa del Toro

One of the common marine reserves for diving in Mallorca is the site of El Toro which is very close to Santa Ponsa located on the southwest coast of the island. The ideal diving conditions in El Toro is what makes it perfect for both beginners and professionals.

During scuba diving Mallorca divers get to unveil versatile biodiversity during the dive. The journey of exploring the home of grasses, moray eels, amberjacks, scorpionfish, red dragonfish as well as golden redfish is enticing.

If you're lucky enough, you would also spot some uniquely patterned seahorses. The steep is 40m deep and full of grots, holes and little caves are the perfect hideout for conger eels as well as octopi. Visitors get to scuba dive surrounded by attractive species and shoals of fish.

2. Pirate Cave

The Pirate Cave of Mallorca is located very close to the Cala Varques, this site can only be reached from the seaside. The Pirate Cave is quite big and captures the attention of various chambers, tunnels, gorgeous dripstone formations as well as subterranean lakes.

Pirate Cave diving in Mallorca is suitable for both snorkelers as well as beginners. The texture of the water is very crystal clear convincing with perfect conditions to dive. The temperature of the cave is around 18 degrees and hence a good forehead lamp and a wetsuit are obligatory.

It's easy to swim and climb across the cave to slowly discover the cave system with its various chambers going with each step. A guided dive is significant at the site of Mallorca since any local guide is acquainted with the best ways to explore the caves and surprise you with interesting information about the Pirate Cave.

3. Isla del Sec

This island has located southwest in front of the Sol De Mallorca. This precipitous plateau is leading down to 32m depth and is considered the home of huge shoals of many fish such as barracudas.

A few years back, the anchor of a submarine was there to provide the tourists with something unique and around three ships were sunk at this site of scuba diving Mallorca.

Many shows are performed by the divers and feed the fishes around and nowadays the divers are followed by the fish in the hope of getting some treats. Visitors can explore the sunken ships, home to many moray eels.

4. The wrecks in front of Palma

The Bahia De Palma is recognized as the most interesting for diving in Mallorca for professionals and experienced wreck divers because of the location of the four shipwrecks up to 35m depth which is closer to the front of the harbour.

One can dive easily inside the huge wreck which is 60m deep. Divers won't forget the beautiful experience since these wrecks give a home to many shoals of fish and the size of the wrecks is commendable.

The visibility underwater is quite poor and the traffic of the ship is because of the closeness of the harbour which makes the diving site of Mallorca ideal for experienced divers.

5. the Island of Dragonera

The Island of Dragonera has been under surveillance and protection since 1995. It is located southwest of Mallorca. The quality of the water is very terrific and the long conservation is why this is one of the most fascinating sites of Mallorca.

The island is known for its distinctive caves which are trapped with air bubbles, for instance, the dripstone cave La Cueva. Discovering slipper lobsters and big shrimps around the depth of 50m underwater cliff for diving to the panorama reef is one of a kind experience.

You can explore tube anemones, corals, feather stars and sponges. Fortunately, at times the dive site features an eye-catching view to the top of the seaside and Eagle rays are spotted.

 For advanced and experienced divers it is suggested to dive in front of Dragonera to the shipwreck lying in 34m depth having a huge population of conger and moray eels.


The Above-mentioned sites are just the small selection of dive sites present in Mallorca. To get detailed information about other sites visit the official website of Scubanautic to get brief information about every diving site.

Don't forget to carry your diver certification, copy of the passport, diving insurance to dive in Mallorca. Although these aren't required for snorkelling at the dive sites. Moreover, it's recommended to avoid diving before or after 24 hours after a flight to eliminate the risk of suffering from decompression sickness.